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Masturbation cause hair loss – a myth or a phenomenon of existence

Oct 15, 2017

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Does masturbation causes hair loss – a myth or a phenomenon of existence

Even though there is no solid evidence regarding the relation between masturbation and hair loss, there are several theories running around for years.

  • The semen ejaculated has high amounts of protein, nutrients, and hormones which may deprive the hair of proper nourishment.
  •  The second theory states that after the chemical reaction called masturbation hormones, proteins and neurotransmitters are released which causes conversion of testosterone into DHT which is the mastermind behind hair loss.

Role Of DHT(Dihydrotestosterone) In Male Hair Loss

Let’s see how true these two theories are:

  •  50% of the dry weight of the body is made up of proteins so even if there is the excessive expulsion of seminal fluid it wouldn’t reduce the protein content of the body.
  • The hair loss due to genetic reasons occurs mostly because of conversion of a hormone called testosterone into dihydrotestosterone.                                                                                             

Sex and masturbation increase the levels of testosterone which in turn increases the levels DTH and that may indicate the second theory might just be correct.

Since sex and masturbation are unavoidable in life, the best alternative is sex with infrequent ejaculation.                                                                                                            

Channeling the sexual energy properly through the deep diaphragmatic breathing of push and circulating it throughout the body in form of a massage energy starting from the perineum located between anus and scrotum might do you good.



However most of the time the reason behind hair loss is misdiagnosed. You might think that masturbation or sex might be the issue but it is actually masking the actual reasons like insomnia, stress, pollution exposure, and poor eating habits. So take actions against these basic issues before jumping to any conclusion.

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