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What Kind Of Doctor Should I See For Hair Loss

Jun 9, 2018

What Kind Of Doctor Should I See For Hair Loss?


We all love having thick, beautiful hair, don’t we? And the loss of it can become really troubling. With the need to alleviate our troubles, follows the question of whom to go to, to seek out a solution to the regrettable loss of hair.

Hair loss can be caused by a multitude of factors, which include genetics, stress, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalance, fungal infections, and more. Thankfully there a few different types of professionals as well who may help us solve the problem, depending on the cause.

When to consult a doctor for hair loss?

While losing a few strands of hair every day is normal and no cause for alarm, you should definitely visit a doctor if:

  • Your hair loss is sudden and unexplained, rather than gradual.
  • Your hair is thinning out and balding gradually.
  • Your hair is shedding in large amounts while shampooing or combing it.
  • Your skin or your scalp has developed a rash or become scaly and itchy, along with hair fall.
  • You have developed other symptoms like heavy menstrual bleeding, swollen lymph nodes, or fatigue along with the hair fall.
  • You suspect that one of your medications may be supplementing your hair fall.

Under these circumstances, it’s wise to get a medical consult at the earliest so that you may start treatment if indicated.

Know your problem inside out.

To determine which professional to seek help from, it would help if you had a clear picture of what is troubling you.

  • Whether your hair loss has been temporary or chronic
  • Whether it is patchy or not
  • Whether it is associated with any other symptoms
  • Is your hair only thinning or falling out and balding as well
  • The nature of your lifestyle and your dealings with stress
  • Whether anyone in your family has experienced similar hair loss
  • If you are suffering from any other condition like thyroid disorders
  • What medications you are on and so on.

What are the medications that cause hair loss?

Having the answers to these questions would also make it easier for your physician to diagnose the cause of your hair loss and suggest appropriate treatment.

What types of doctors can treat hair loss?

Either you or your hair stylist is usually the first one to spot your hair troubles, and that’s your cue to go visit a licensed medical professional.

  • Trichologist

Trichologists are professionals in trichology, the branch that deals with the medical and cosmetic study and practice of hair and scalp. They study your hair loss condition from all aspects, from your overall general health to any serious condition contributing to it.

While not all trichologists are licensed medical professionals and can prescribe medical treatments, they guide you through lifestyle changes, including improving your diet, suggesting exercises, and teaching the right techniques of shampooing and hair care, as well as natural remedies to help reverse the hair loss and to strengthen it from the root.

  • Endocrinologist

Endocrinologists are licensed medical professionals specializing in the endocrine system of the body, and diseases resulting from hormonal imbalance.

Hormonal imbalance in a very common cause of hair loss in both males and females; endocrinologists help treat hair loss by correcting this underlying imbalance.

  • Nutritionist

Hair is a made up of a protein called keratin; and being one of the fastest growing cells in the body, hair also needs an adequate calorie intake. Therefore a deficiency in either or both, proteins and calories, could lead to considerable hair loss.

Your nutritionist will not only point out the flaws in your present diet but also design an appropriate dietary plan to get you back on the healthy track, that tolerates no hair loss.

  • Dermatologist

Dermatologists are licensed medical professionals who provide specialized treatment for skin, hair, and nails. They are the most qualified to diagnose the root cause of your hair loss and offer effective treatment recommendations.

When indicated, they prescribe topical and oral medications, and cortisone injections to promote faster hair follicle recovery and hair reproduction, customizing the treatment for every individual.

  • Hair Transplant Surgeon

If none of the other doctors have been able to make a significant difference to your hair loss, then they themselves may recommend that you consult a hair transplant surgeon.

In addition to surgical hair restoration, hair transplant surgeons also offer other non-surgical methods of treatment for hair loss and FDA-approved low-level laser therapy.

So there are various types of professionals who could assist you in treating hair loss and promote hair regrowth. Seeking multiple opinions and combining their advice and expertise would allow for the best outcome. HairMD Clinic helps ensure this by offering you the expert consult of all the different types of professionals under one roof.

For more queries, consultation or treatment, contact us at HairMD Clinic.

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