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FUE Hair Transplant

How should I take postoperative care after hair transplant?

Baldness can be taken care with one of the golden treatment like a hair transplant. It is the one-stop solution for baldness. We all know hair transplant is a very delicate procedure and it is imperative to follow up with the care after hair transplant very strictly in order to achieve the best possible result. One and foremost it is important to meet a dermatologist to get complete information before undergoing such a procedure.


How should I take postoperative care after hair transplant

Care After Hair Transplant


Care after hair transplant

Here are the aftercare steps to follow after hair transplant:

1. Use the normal saline spray every hour during the daytime and two to three times at night. Normal saline spray keeps the hair transplant area clean, reduces moist and sweating and most importantly provides you with energy for graft survival.

2. For complete healing of the scalp, you need to sleep in an upright position to prevent the graft from contact. It is very crucial to avoid contact with graft for five to six days post the operation day.

3. You need to keep your fingers away from the healing scar even though you feel itching in the implanted area. The next step is to remove the dressing of the donor area from the next day. Start with applying antiseptic ointment over the donor area for three days but not to the recipient area. After this, wash your head gently and thoroughly as advised by your doctor.

4. Keep the bandage on the forehead for five days to prevent any swelling. Use cold compressors and massage with your fingers to further reduce the swelling on the forehead. To reduce the fluid on the sides, try avoiding the exposure of excessive heat or cold and sweat for at least five days. If you experience any severe pain, bleeding or infection, then contact your surgeon immediately.

5. You can resume your normal daily activities from the very next day but limit the activities like gymming, jogging, cycling and sport for at least four weeks.



6. Do not gym for at least four weeks as the scalp takes that much time to heal completely. Avoid alcohol for the first five days because it interfered with blood supply and blood supply is extremely crucial for the growth of hair and healing of the scalp. Avoid smoking for one month because it interferes with blood supply as well.


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Important things to follow after hair transplant:

1. Also, remember to avoid strong sunlight for at least one month as it may affect the healing of your implanted hair and graft survival. It may cause pigmentation if the graft is extracted from the beard area.

2. Avoid using power shower, hair dye and even hair products. You can start using a hair roll after three weeks of the procedure. You can continue to brush your hair after fifteen days.

3. You can take a haircut or go for hair dye.

4. Consume supplementary medicines, healthy diet as well as adequate water for at least two to three months.

5. Keep following up regularly with your consultant.



I hope this post will help you to know all about the FUE hair transplant post care. To know more, you can call us on 7888091119, we will be happy to guide you.


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