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What is the minimum age for hair transplant?

We all love having beautiful, denser and silky hairs. Smooth and silky hairs is a dream of all individuals. Actually,  there is no hard and fast minimum age for hair transplant.


What is the youngest age for hair transplant

As a result, the doctor’s say 25 years should be the minimum age, as the hair loss need to be stabilized by this age. Above all, you also need to consider your limited donor area, also before going for a hair transplant procedure. 


Hair transplant before the age of 25

In certain exceptional cases, even you can do hair transplant before the age of 25 also:

  1.  If the person has advanced baldness and hair loss is stabled.
  2.  If the balding process is affecting the person with his mental health.
  3.  Another is if the person has advanced baldness before 25.

In these cases, therefore you can undergo hair transplant, but you need to be very conservative in your approach. In hairline designing and planning of hair transplant considering that patient can lose more hairs in the near future. If you are thinking of hair transplant then you must research and gather as much as information about hair transplant.


Here are the two important resources I would like to share with you.

1. A must watch a Video guide on Hair Transplant: It covers all important aspects of Hair Transplant. This explains all about the hair transplant and its procedure. As a result, this video will help you with complete information about it. Because it will be beneficial for you.



2. Is hair transplant the right choice for me?

First of all, you need to consult a dermatologist surgeon for your hair transplant. He will help you in guiding in details about the treatment.

Finally, I hope this topic will be useful for you, and to get more information then you can call us at 7888091119. We will be blessed to help you out completely. Our dermatologist will help you out to understand it in details.


Do hair transplants really work?


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