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Laser Hair Removal

All About Laser Hair Removal: Information about laser hair removal Laser hair removal is the process of removing unwanted hairs from the various parts of the body like armpit, chest, pubic region etc. with the help of laser light therapy (by exposing the area which carries unwanted hairs to laser pulses). Unwanted hair over the face, axilla, and other body parts is an important prob....Read More
How much does laser hair removal cost for chin and cheeks

Question:-  What are the charges for laser treatment of chin and cheek?




Laser hair removal is a permanent reduction of unwanted hair on any parts of the body. Laser hair removal targets the melanin pigment in the hair follicle. Thick, black hair on face or body can be effectively targeted as compared to thin, villus hair.


This is not a one-time procedure. One has to undergo multiple sessions in 6 to 8 sessions to get desired results. In some patients having hormonal issues like PCOS mainly in females may need a number of sessions due to androgen [Male hormone] excess.


To get your laser hair removal done, you have to first consult a board-certified dermatologist, who will analyze your hair thickness, type of skin & can guide you about the gold standard, FDA approved laser technology which can be done, in order to get best results without any side effects.

Is laser hair removal safe?


There are many laser & light technologies available in the market for permanent hair reduction, but you need to choose a laser which is FDA approved, a gold standard,  painless, which can treat all body parts also effectively without causing a burn, hyperpigmentation on your skin.This laser has to be performed by a trained therapist under the supervision of dermatologist as different laser parameters are needed as per your body areas, skin type & your thickness of hair. Resistant villus hair may half be treated.


About the cost of treatment, it depends upon the area to be treated & the technologies we are using. It may vary from clinic to clinic. Cost for chin & cheek treatment usually depends on an area and per session with gold standard technologies. Cheaper lasers are also available in the market, commonly used in beauty sectors, but this involves chances of getting burns & hyperpigmentation in the treated area, so better to avoid these. Results of laser hair removal may vary with technologies being used, experience in treating different types of patient & experience of laser technician.


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