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Causes of 22 years old male hair loss

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Sir meri age 22-year hai mere hair 6-month phele kafi baal girte the par maine dhyan nhi diya or ab hair bahut kam ho gaye hai.  Kya sir ye vapas aa sakte hai?  Kya karu mai sir bahut depression me hu. Please sir kya kru.



So mostly hair loss is a continuous process there are many different reasons for hair loss, like hormonal changes, genetic factors, nutritional deficiency, environmental changes, stress, etc. Mostly in male pattern hair loss Androgen hormone + genes contribute to hair fall. So mostly hair loss in the male is noted above 18 years of age so it’s called as androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness or male pattern alopecia.

So in hair loss treatment doctor can help you to preserve the existing hair, if there is no root available then it is not possible to get the root back or to grow hair in non-root scalp. In hair fall treatment the main line of management is to preserve the existing hair by reducing the process of hair fall by finding out the exact cause by the means of trichoscopy or blood investigations etc, and according to diagnosis medications are given.

As you said you are getting depressed due to hair loss, so it may aggravate the hair fall and stress is one of the reasons for hair fall. So try to consult a qualified dermatologist nearby you, find out the cause of your hair loss and get a proper treatment for your hair loss problem.

Now there are many new treatment modalities available for hair loss such as Mesotherapy,  Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Low-level laser light or medicines such ad Minoxidil & Finasteride to treat the hair loss. These treatments and medicines help to give very nice results for your hair loss problem. And remember we can preserve your hair but you have to maintain it, no treatment can generate your new root, but treatment can definitely help to save what you have and help to give you good density. So don’t worry your problem can be controlled but you have to get your consultation done.

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