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Minoxidil work For receding hair line on front of head


Sir, I have receding hair fall on the front of my scalp on a large area. Sir, I am using minokem f with derma roller since 2 Month. My hair fall has less.but in your video on youtube I have seen I which you told that minoxidil does not work on receding hair area.then which medicine suitable for me, sir? and another question sir is the minoxidil effect on men fertility? Please give me answer sir



A lot of patients asks about the usefulness of minoxidil in receding hairline. and this is a subject of debate among the dermatologists also because no mass study is done on this query and every dermatologists whether in side of the topic or against the topic arguing on the basis of their own clinical experience. here i will also tell you my observations on the basis of my clinical experience of 30 years in dermatology and treating hair loss patients using minoxidil.

Basically, minoxidil is US FDA approved for pattern baldness in male and female or in other words androgenetic alopecia.( P.S. minoxidil works only in androgentic hair loss and not othyer hair loss, at-least this has been proved experimentally and clinically)  So what happens in androgenetic alopecia or pattern baldness first and foremost under influence of hormones DHT ( Dihydrotestestyerone)  or genetically predisposed patient ( means the patients who have relative with pattern baldness on maternal or paternal side) under influence of the same hormones hairs especially on top of scalp, crown area and frontal area  starts thinning and shortening because their anagen phase ( growth phase) of hair growth cycle gets prematurely terminated and  hair goes into telogen phase ( which is the last phase of growth cycle after this phase shedding starts) and slowly hairs go into dormant phase or in majority of cases those hairs are lost. They do not grow back and bald patches occur. these bald patches are not like patches in alopecia areata but show a particular pattern that’s why those are called as pattern baldness. when patches occur in a frontal area then it is called as a receding hairline which you are suffering from.

Baldness may start from the crown area it is called as crown baldness or baldness can start from all the area at the same time or baldness can occur only in the central area. So receding hairline, crown baldness, central baldness or whole scalp especially this is possible in a male. In female also pattern baldness occurs but especially it is in the central part of the scalp or top of the scalp but usually hairline is preserved and it doesn’t go off just like in male. So receding hairline especially important from male patient now how and whether it is useful in receding line or not is important?. Please make a note that minoxidil’s action is unpredictable not each and every patient of baldness either male or female pattern baldness get benefited by the clinical properties of minoxidil. If he uses minoxidil or if she uses minoxidil and whether it will work on them for sure is nobody can predict. In a few patients, if minoxidil works it will work like wonder it will give very good results. Few patients will work to a certain extent for some time and then it will stop working again, why like this? and exactly what happened that minoxidil stopped working? nobody knows and in a few patients, it doesn’t work at all.

Whether it will work in your case or not? then how to use minoxidil? and how much time we should use minoxidil?. If you don’t get relief of your hair loss thinning of hair or if it doesn’t control baldness in two to four months time then it is useless  in your case and then you should stop it but before stopping it you should take the advice of a qualified and good  dermatologist,

Now when minoxidil action it is not predicted at all for all our scalp hair loss or thinning of hair or baldness or prematurely turning the anagen phase then whether it will work on the receding line or not nobody can tell you or nobody can predict that. In your case, it will work or it will not work it is observed that minoxidil works well in crown alopecia or crown pattern baldness. It works like Wonder in the majority of cases if that hair loss and that thinning and that baldness are a recent Orient then really it works and it works better with help of or with the addition of finasteride and other vitamins and other procedures.

So it makes wonders especially crown baldness if it is combined with Finasteride and other thing but only minoxidil yes in crown baldness crown thinning it works better after that it works better in thinning of hair on top of the scalp and it works less in receding hairline or frontal baldness. In only a few patients it works well in receding hairline or frontal baldness or you can say that it may not work in your case in frontal because the majority of the patient does not show much improvement in the receding line or frontal or temporal baldness.

So minoxidil is good in few patients it doesn’t work in a few patient and it may work in few patients so try it use it under the supervision of dermatologist let him take the call. Whether it is working in your case or not and then and then only you stop it and decide whether minoxidil is working or not in your case addition of finasteride and other treatment wonder evidence-based there are so many things research is going on why it is not working in majority of patients or majority of receding hairline still things are working in scientific world and doctors and scientists are trying to find out various combinations and all this thing but its efficacy is still not FDA approved.

Here I would like to tell you one more thing is that minoxidil doesn’t regrow hairs which you have lost from roots it only prevents upcoming hair loss. To treat bald area you need to get a hair transplant done. So to preserve whatever hairs you have right now you have to keep on consuming the medicines you are taking right now because these are the only FDA approved medicines available. Along with these medicines, I would like to suggest you go for evidence-based therapies like

  1. Platelet-rich plasma therapy
  2. Low-level laser light therapy
  3. Mesotherapy
  4. Derma roller ( which you are using)

If you are planning to opt for those evidence-based medicines then please make sure that you are consulting a good dermatologist.

Best of luck!

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