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Male Hair Loss

Male Hair Loss There are many reasons for hair loss in male ranging from genetics or family history of hair loss, daily or work life stress etc. Hair loss may be genetic or non-genetic. The following section briefs you about few top causes of hair loss and treatment for it. The most important type of hair loss in males is male pattern baldness or Androgenetic Alopecia. Almost 70% to 80 % of ....Read More
sir i am 22year old boy. 1)if i want to take minoxidil 5% or 10% which is better? 2)shall i take finsteride too?

First of all, you should take a detailed consultation with any good dermatologist about the exact cause of your hair loss as there can be around 42 different causes of hair loss. but broadly speaking and considering your age either you are suffering from androgenetic alopecia or telogen effluvium. if you are suffering from telogen effluvium then you will have to take minoxidil topical with oral finasteride and other supplements till you get relief from the hair loss and after that, you won't suffer from any hair loss unless you encounter any physical or emotional stress. ( telogen effluvium ) and if you are suffering from androgenetic alopecia which is also called as the male pattern hair loss then you may have to take minoxidil 5% for initial period and then shift to the minoxidil 2% for maintenance, please make note that there is no complete cure for androgenetic hair loss than hair transplant ( this is not a time for hair transplant for you) so you have to take minoxidil till you want hairs on your scalp. but minoxidil alone doesn't work you have to couple it with finasteride and other supplements like biotin and multivitamins. I would suggest to you to try some other conservative therapies like PRP, mesotherapy, micro needling etc. it has very good results.

( video on how minoxidil work for hair loss in male)

actually, there is no particular special brand I prefer but it usually depends on the percentage and formulation you need for your clinical condition, so I can only comment on this query after consultation. so I suggest you visit some good dermatologist nearby you.

There are no serious side effects of finasteride as such and whichever is there those are temporary. The internet is full of the myth that finasteride causes loss of sexual power, but only 2% of total patients suffer from this that too temporary. so don't worry finasteride is FDA approved drug which you can consume after proper dermatology consultation.

Minoxidil vs Finasteride: Which works better for hair loss

I don't know what exactly is floygrow but redensyl is a hair grow serum but it's not a mainstream treatment, it's just supplemented to main treatments. If taken along with minoxidil and finasteride it gives good results

as I answer before you need to take minoxidil for a lifetime or till you want hairs on your scalp. You stop using it you will get back your hair loss if you are suffering from male pattern hair loss.

though I have told all the things, but don't rely on these comments as final verdict please have a consultation with one of our eminent doctors before consuming any of the medicine.


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