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Male Hair Loss

Male Hair Loss There are many reasons for hair loss in male ranging from genetics or family history of hair loss, daily or work life stress etc. Hair loss may be genetic or non-genetic. The following section briefs you about few top causes of hair loss and treatment for it. The most important type of hair loss in males is male pattern baldness or Androgenetic Alopecia. Almost 70% to 80 % of ....Read More
Tips for Patchy beard

As a boy growing up, he always dreams of having a full thick and luscious beard. It signs in his maturity and fertility. Looking at a man, with a full beard, shows in him the power and leadership quality.  Having good beard is now in trend so make sure it’s always important to keep your facial hairs/beard in good condition.

There are few tips to grow your facial hairs healthy:

  • Good and balanced diet: Nutritious and healthy food helps your hairs to get a good amount of vitamins and minerals, which promotes good hair regrowth. Having protein-rich foods like egg whites, soy products, pulses, white meat, fish.
  • Good sleep: In today’s world, we are so busy and don’t take proper sleep, which is a big reason for not getting a good beard. It’s important for sleeping 8 hrs daily to ensure good and healthy hairs.
  • Exercise: Doing daily exercise ensures to increase testosterone hormone levels and increases blood circulation in your body. Testosterone and beard growth goes hand in hand; it’s good to hit the gym. 
  • Stress-free: Balancing both office work and family is one of the difficult jobs, and which leads to stress and tension. So to get the good and thick beard to need to have stress free life.
  • Drinking water: Having 3 to 4 liters of water is very important to keep your skin get good hydration.

Few tips to maintain patchy beard:

  • Let your beard grow. Have patience and don’t trim or shave it for a few months.
  • Check your beard hair growth direction, so to avoid patchy hair growth.
  • Keep your facial hairs clean. 
  • A home remedy like rubbing garlic on the patch hairs.


Medication for growing beard: Minoxidil which is a US FDA approved medication which promotes hair regrowth but with this, you will not get a thick beard. You will experience hair loss when you stop using this medication, so you should keep continuing till you think your hairs are important for you. Make sure you consult your dermatologist and get your hair condition checked and then use these medications. If you don’t consult doctors they can get side effects as well. Make sure you don’t use any medications just reading over the internet.

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