Can Beard Hair be Used for Hair Transplant?


Blog, Hair Transplant | Dhananjay Chavan | January 19, 2023

The absence of viable hair on the scalp disheartens many, as in situations like these, dermatologists may disregard the possibility of a hair transplant. But for such people, can beard hair be used for hair transplant? Let’s find out the answer through this blog.

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Is it Possible to do a Hair Transplant with Beard Hair?

Where is the Donor Area for Beard-to-Head Hair Transplant?

Why Do Many Dermatologists Consider Beard Hair for Hair Transplant?

Are Beard Transplants Harmful?

Is it Possible to do a Hair Transplant with Beard Hair?

Ok. Let’s answer this question. Generally, yes. Advancements in dermatology and transplant techniques enable conducting a beard-to-hair transplant. Many people question the effectiveness of this option. But one cannot generalize, as the effectiveness may vary from person to person. Let’s delve into some aspects of beard hair transplant.

Where is the Donor Area for Beard-to-Head Hair Transplant?

In beard-to-hair transplantation, dermatologists use the lower jaw, neck, and the area of cheekbones as donor areas to obtain hair grafts. In some cases, they may also use other areas, like the chest, legs, etc., as donor regions. Usually, beard hair grafts usually have a single hair follicle. But sometimes, they could have two as well.

Why Do Many Dermatologists Consider Beard Hair for Hair Transplant?

Beard is considered one of the best donor areas that can help foster a successful hair transplant. Beard hair follicles are two times thicker than scalp donor hair. Thus, a beard-to-hair transplant can result in an increased hair volume. Besides, extracting beard hair from the surrounding tissues is more straightforward. Here are some benefits.

Note: The benefits might not be applicable in all cases. The suitability and benefit of beard-to-scalp FUE transplant could vary from person to person. A dermatologist’s diagnosis and recommendation are a must to avoid hassles.

  • More Single Follicular Grafts

Many people looking to undergo a beard-to-scalp transplant ask how many grafts can be extracted from a person’s beard. The beard can provide 3,000-5,000 single follicular grafts for the beard-to-scalp FUE technique. However, the process requires an expert surgeon to ensure precision and effective results in the long run.

  • Preservation of Donor Hair

Using a beard as a donor’s hair enables the dermatologist to preserve donor hair in the traditional scalp-safe zone. It can help use the hair for critical areas like temporal joints, frontal hairline, and eyebrows.

  • Thicker Hair Shaft

As mentioned earlier, beard hair is much thicker than scalp hair. Hence, a beard-to-scalp FUE transplant can help grow volume-rich hair. Of course, the thickness may vary. But it is a general observation of a considerable number of patients.

Are Beard Transplants Harmful?

Is it safe to use a beard for a hair transplant? Well, generally speaking, beard transplants aren’t harmful. With advancements in technology and a certified and experienced surgeon by your side, a beard-to-scalp transplant can be done safely and painlessly. Besides, many patients recover from it easily. But on the flip side, one cannot discount risks like infection, scarring, and case-specific medical complications!

Nevertheless, you must discuss the probability of undergoing a beard transplant in your case. It can help the dermatologist assess your case, possibilities, potential risks, and suitability. The idea is to grow hair. But it should happen safely and without causing other complications during or after the process.

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