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menopause and hair loss in females

Oct 8, 2017

Female Hair Loss During Menopause: Causes & Treatments

A menopause comes with various side effects. While some women power through the entire phase seamlessly, some do not have it very easy. Apart from night sweating and hot flushes, even sex becomes extremely painful. The irregularity of periods throws the hormones completely off balance.

Apart from the regular hot flushes and night sweats, a lot of women also complain of hair loss. This is the topic we would be covering in this article:

Why else would you be suffering from hair loss?

It is very important to rule out all of the other possibilities. You might be undergoing hair loss due to various other reasons, other than the onset of menopause. It might be a hormonal imbalance or even an effect of a thyroid. If you have recently stopped having birth control pills, then that might be a reason too. We help you analyze the root cause of the problem and then offer an array of solutions and stand by you through the entire procedure. We understand that menopause comes with a lot of emotional roller coaster rides and hair loss is a department you can completely leave up to us.

Have you considered the hormone replacement therapy?

It is always good to nip a problem in the bud. Hormone replacement therapy has recently caught up a lot and it is a procedure that a lot of women are feeling very comfortable with. You can get the estrogens treated completely to alleviate the symptoms of menopause. This will definitely help the menopausal hair loss stop.

As women, we go through a lot of problems. Right from periods to pregnancies, our hormones are always putting up a fight with us. We can avoid menopausal problems if we start taking care at the right time.


   Good Resource

 WebMD:- Hormone replacement therapy For Menopause

Here is the explanation about the reasons for hair loss during Menopause in females:


What is the treatment for hair loss during menopause? 

The other solutions apart from a hormone replacement therapy are:

1) Alternative Medication

Although this is a common method, it is not highly advisable. There are a lot of over the counter medicines available and they do not suit everybody. Which is why consulting an experienced doctor is your best bet.

2) Lifestyle Changes

If stress is your favorite companion, then getting rid of it is the best option.You also need to find out the deficiencies you have and completely solve that. Making these lifestyle changes would ease out the problems that come along with menopause and would help you stop hair loss.


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3) Medications and Surgery

At HairMD, we will ensure that you are guided through the entire process thoroughly. Each case is treated individually and the best solutions are suggested. A Hair Transplant surgery is definitely a great idea to add the problem of hair loss to a troublesome menopause.

We understand that menopause is a very tough time in every woman’s life which is why we want to make sure you go through all of the phases smoothly. While all of the other changes occupy your mind, we make sure that hair loss is our worry and not yours.

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  1. Rupesh Sahu

    Mera name Rupesh Sahu hau. Main pichhle 3 mahina se balo ke jhadne ki smasya se jujh Raha hu. Jaha se bal gir rahe hai waha naye Bal ni aa rahe he. Iske liye dermatology se ilaj karwaya but benifit ni huwa. Iske bad aayurved ilaj liye us se fayda ni huwa. Ab to head ki chamdi dikh rahi hai. Pls solution bataiye.

    • Dr. Dhananjay Chavan

      Hello Rupesh,
      It takes a minimum of 4-6 months to get results of any medications or treatments. I would suggest you to re-consult your Dermatologists, have the patience to see results and trust in your Dermatologists.


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