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The price to pay for your a Hair transplant!

May 15, 2017


The Price to Pay for a Hair Transplant.

It is almost impossible to give an exact estimate or put offers on quality procedures. But, here is an overview of how the cost of hair transplant is definedFollicular Unit Extraction or generally known as FUE. In today’s day and age, even though cosmetic surgical procedures have become quite a trend, the cost part of it still creates a lot of doubts in potential people’s minds. It is almost the same with hair transplants and especially in calculated and how is it budgeted approximately:

Multiple factors to consider before deciding on hair transplant cost

Apart from the usual consultation fees and treatment procedure which is elaborated upon below, the other costs that are considered are the screening stage done to find out has your baldness reached. Another important factor is the how many grafts that are required for hair transplant and lastly about the hair density factor- whether you want less or high density. The usual cost of hair transplant in India ranges from Rs.30/- to Rs.120/-. So, it is likely that you may find it cost effective or expensive. But, before coming to any conclusion or judgment, you must read through & know on what factors cost depends.


The break up is mainly divided into two factors:

  • Your consultation fees revolve around what level of treatment do you require. The kind of your hair Consultation Fees: fallout is analyzed in detail and that is also a part of the consultation fee. The procedure involves manual or computerized screening by the experts. With increasing competition, more and more clinics have started providing a free consultation.
  • Treatment Phase:  The Treatment phase has a lot of different costs and it depends on which procedure you go for along with the number of seating you undertake.


The multiple factors that make up the cost of a hair transplant are:-

  • Type of Technique:
    • Whether Follicular Unit Extraction is used or whether Follicular Unit Transaction is used.
  • Which clinic or surgeon are you going to for consultation?
    • The experience & consistent practice make the surgeon rich in skills that are required for surgery. The cost of hair transplant can be less, but remember that what you pay is for your better results, better care & finally better looks & personality.  Also, our HT surgeon, Dr. Sachin Pawar, has come up with video in which he explains in detail on what are parameters you should consider before choosing hair transplant surgeon or clinic.
  • The Thickness of Donor Hair
    • The healthy donor area is one of the pre-requisite for your hair transplant. Weak donor area will be unable to give you sufficient grafts for your surgery. In that case, an additional requirement will be fulfilled by taking grafts from your beard or body which required expertise. This will cost extra to your pocket.
  • Grafts that are required
    • Density required or to be achieved. This is the major factor. As the number of grafts required directly depends on density to be achieved. You can watch a video answer byDr. Dhruv Chavan, MBBS, MS on what is the optimum density that must be achieved.

Also, there are many parameters, apart from the cost of the procedure that every hair transplant patient must knowWe have created educational content for patient & you can access all of that on our page FUE hair transplant


With increasing prices in the market, hair transplantation surgery has obviously gone high cost wise. But, due to the increasing competition- there are a lot of attractive packages especially in India to make up for the increased costs. Depending on your case, you can go consult the doctor to find out how much it will charge you. Also, there are various online hair transplant cost calculators that can help you get an estimate on how much will the procedure cost you. Maybe you feel that the new phone or some new investment is better than a hair transplant and that is where you should be spending your money, but trust us- you will have a different story to tell within two to three months itself as this will be the best gift you would give to yourself. You can see by yourself, the HT results of people who invested in their hair transplant and life have given them back. Nothing better than a package of compliments, those likes on Facebook or constant running confidence.


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  1. Swaroop Clinic

    Thank you for sharing useful information on hair transplantation. Like great well being and youth, the majority of us underestimate a thick head of hair – that is, until it is no more.


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