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Hair Transplant FAQs

Hair Transplant FAQs: Top 5 Common Questions about hair transplantBalding no one likes, but due to many reasons early age balding can be seen. It causes a lot of damage to one's mental and social sense. No one likes to go bald voluntarily, right? If you are looking...

6 Hair Transplant Things To Know

6 Hair Transplant Things To Know Before Hair TransplantHair transplant is one of the successful treatment for hair restoration. If you are tired of having an empty scalp on your head and are planning to opt for a hair transplant, then you should know the things about...

What are the common myths about hair transplant?

5 Common Myths about hair transplantMyths about hair transplant can be dangerous. Not only myths are far off from the truth, but they can also keep you away from finding out the actual Facts. So if you’re someone tired of seeing a bald guy in your mirror and want to...

Evolution and history of Hair Transplant over 80 years

Evolution & History of Hair TransplantA hair transplant may seem like a modern cosmetic procedure done to enhance the individual’s appearance and confidence. But it is more than just a procedure. It has taken more than 80 years of research and study to reach this...

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