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This image shows Norwood grade IV type of frontal baldness

1st Day

Result of hair transplant after 1 week

1st Month

Hair transplant result after 2 months

3rd Month

Hair transplant results after 5 months

6th Month

Baldness Type: Grade IV                         Number of grafts: 6000-7000


We had a patient who was referred to us by his maternal uncle. He was suffering from frontal baldness with thinning of the crown. We explained him the procedure and went on with 6033 grafts both for beard and scalp. In the first follow up things looked positive. The hair started shedding after 1 month and it took 2-3 month for the transplanted hair to grow. The patient was advised multivitamins and PRP. The progress was good with natural dense hair at the end of 6 months.