Alopecia areata treatment timeline | HairMD, Pune
Total hair loss on scalp of a male patient.

1st Day

Minoxidil results of male patient after 2 months

2nd Month

Hair growth after three months of topical phenol application for alopecia areata.

4th Month

Alopecia areata treatment results after five months.

5th Month


42 years industrial worker suffering from extensive alopecia areata for 10 years. He visited our Pune station Clinic OPD, was very frustrated, he was very much ok with the condition as he was much concern about his daily wedges than his looks, but when the condition got worse his co-workers started becoming hesitant to touch him which disturbed him from within.

Treatment schedule:-

Started oral and topical immunosuppressive drugs and Minoxidil treated with. Topical phenol application, cryospray, intralesional drug and targeted phototherapy(Lumera) after 5 months.Treatment continued with slow improvement and 3 months later. Then after 4 months final outcome.