Diode & IPL laser result | HairMD, Pune
Females having severe acne & unwanted facial hair growth.

1st Day

Facial hair growth reduced after started laser hair removal treatment.

3rd Month

Results of laser hair removal treatment after 5 month

5th Month

Total hair growth on face of female reduced after 7 months treatment of laser hair removal.

7th Month


Looking beyond IPL Therapy to the more effective Diode Laser Hair Removal. A patient who was dissatisfied with the laser hair removal services provided at different clinics came in for a consultation, complaining of acne and unwanted facial hair growth. She had undergone up to eight laser hair removal sessions in vain, leaving her with underwhelming results and a deflated morale. Suspecting hormonal problems, our doctor recommended a consultation with an endocrinologist in Pune. Indeed, hormonal imbalances were confirmed as one of the factors contributing to the growth of unwanted hair. The patient was recommended laser hair removal but was understandably apprehensive due to her negative experiences with the treatment in the past. However, the doctor patiently clarified that our clinic uses the diode laser, which is considerably more effective than the intense pulsed light (IPL) sessions she has been treated with before. Reassured, the patient agreed to go ahead with the prescribed acne therapy and five sessions of laser hair removal. The effectiveness of this method was clearly demonstrated when her condition improved significantly in a very short span of time, leaving the patient extremely happy and content with our services.