Hair loss progression pictures | HairMD, Pune
On top of scalp severe hair thinning in male patient on the day of consultation.

1st Day

Hair growth started after one month of Mesotherapy treatment for hair loss.

1st Month

After three months PRP treatment for hair loss results shown in male patient.

3rd Month

Satisfactory results after five months of heal light therapy and topical medications for hair loss

5th Month


Age- 26 Yrs Gender- Male having hair fall has tried much treatment before visiting our clinic. Got the reference of our clinic from his friend. At our clinic we planned him Mesotherapy – Once in a month, PRP –  Once in a month, and Dermaroller once in the gap of 10 days with Heal Light + Oral and Topical medications. He got satisfactory results in 6 months time. Now he is on maintenance therapy.