Hair growth photos of a male after PRP treatment | HAIRMD Pune
Hair loss picture of male on first day of consultation

1st Day

Hair growth in male after starting prp treatment

3rd Month

Hair growth in male after starting oral & topical medicine for hair loss

4th Month

PRP hair therapy results in male after fifth month

5th Month


How Comprehensive Hair Growth Therapy Fixes Many Things in One Go. A 35-year-old male came in for a consultation, showing signs of male pattern hair loss with a moderate thinning of the crown. His medical history indicated that he also suffered from a thyroid imbalance, and a vitamin B12 and vitamin D3 deficiency – all conditions that are relevant and linked to hair loss. An intensive therapy, involving five sessions of platelet-rich plasma therapy, supplemented by oral and topical medicines was prescribed. This therapy not only focussed on hair growth but also on overcoming his thyroid problems and vitamin deficiencies.  When this comprehensive therapy came to a close, the patient who came into the clinic with a shiny crown, left for home with a head full of dense hair.