Male pattern baldness | HairMD, Pune
This image shows hair loss image and genetic hair loss in male

1st Day

This image shows hair growth image and mesotherapy results

4th Month

This image shows hair growth image and PRP hair loss results.

8th Month

This image shows hair growth image and PRP hair treatment results.

12th Month


A young male in his late 28s came in for a consultation with signs of severe hair fall and hair thinning, with only miniature hair remaining on his scalp. With a family history of hair loss, a complete analysis and investigation done at our clinic revealed a grade 4 – 5 baldness. Based on his personal factors and our extensive assessments, the patient was prescribed an alternating mix of six Mesotherapy sessions and six sessions of platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP) with a gap of one month between the sessions. These sessions, supplemented by oral and topical medication began showing signs of significant success within four months. While satisfactory results were obtained within four sessions of both therapies, the patient was urged to continue using oral and topical medication to consolidate further hair growth and prevent hair loss.