Hair loss treatment | PRP for hair loss | HairMD, Pune
This image shows hair loss picture and hair loss in a male.

1st Day

This image shows hair growth image and PRP hair treatment results

3rd Month

This image shows hair growth image and mesotherapy for hair results.

5th Month

This image shows hair growth image & LLLT (low level laser light therapy) results.

9th Month


I had a patient come to me for hair thinning and hair loss. He had taken treatment before and it didn’t work out well for him so he was apprehensive. Once we had explained to him the entire procedure with assurance and specified the risks and benefits he decided to give it a try. His hair analysis and dermoscopy were done and density calculated. It was a plan of 6 months. He kept the follow ups for 4 months but since he was from a distant place he didn’t follow up later. Till the time he visited the hair density had increased and he was doing well. We didn’t hear from him again but hopefully, he is doing great.