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Alopecia Areata

Result A1

Patchy hair loss in a male patient on the first day of consultation

1st Day

Spot baldness in male patient shows few hair growth after 15 days of alopecia areata treatment.

3rd Week

Hair growth started after 1 months of patchy baldness treatment.

1st Month

Light therapy for alopecia areata results after 6 months of treatment.

6th Month


Age – 35s Gender – Male Diagnosis- Patchy hair loss Number of treatments – 6

Result A2

Bald patch on head of female

1st Day

Hair growth started after starting alopecia areata treatment

1st Month

Vellus hair growth started after starting Intralesional Drug.

2nd Month

Full growth of hair in female after three months of alopecia areata treatment.

3rd Month


24 years female engineering student with multiple alopecia areata (AA) patches.For 2 months spread ship lesions. Patient treated with cryospray and intralesional drug(triamcinolone acetonide injection)  every month apart. The first visit treated cryospray + intralesional drug – 1 month after treatment few villus hair growthstarted Treated again with cryospray & intralesional drug(ILD) Patient came after 1  month for follow-up more than 80% hair started growing. All patches show new hair growth – after 2 follow-ups of monthly internal  100% growth of hair with normal hair.

Result A3

Image of male alopecia totalis | HairMD, Pune

1st Day

See more results of minoxidil drug | HairMD, Pune

4th Month

Image of intralesional injection for alopecia areata | HairMD, Pune

5th Month

Full hair growth after a six month treatment of alopecia totalis

6th Month


38 years male farmer with alopecia areata for 3-4 years multiple patches leading towards alopecia totalis. Started treatment with oral & topical immunosuppressive drugs along with topical Minoxidil and tacrolimus on the first visit after investigating patient. First, visit applied “ topical phenol” leading to erythema every month follow-up three phenol applications hair growth started.  After 4 months then intralesional drugs (triamcinolone acetonide). Every monthly Injection 2 injections given. Leading to better hair growth.Continuing oral and topical medicines, intralesional injectionscryospray after 6 months final outcomeup to 90% hair growth.

Result A4

Bald Spot on scalp of male patient.

1st Day

Spot baldness in male

2nd Week

Picture for hair growth | HairMD, Pune

3rd Week

90 percentage hair growth after 3 settings of excimer laser

1st Month


Young 15 years old boy with large patches of alopecia areata for 3 months. Started treatment with oral & topical medicines along with every weekly once excimer laser. After 3 settings of excimer laser i.e. after 3 weeks treatment villus hair growth started.Excimer laser treatment continued for another one and half month more than 60%  hair growth.Topical medicines and excimer laser continued for another one month leading to >90% growth of hair.

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