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FUE Hair Transplant

FUE Hair Transplant: Advanced Hair Transplant Method Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Technique is the most advanced hair transplant technique. FUE method of hair transplant is one of the most popular & advanced hair loss, male or female pattern baldness treatments offered at HairMD- hair transplant clinic in Pune with best, real and amazing hair transplant….

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What is the success rate of FUE hair transplant?

hair transplant is a major life changing the decision. In fact, any cosmetic surgery is highly dependent on a lot of emotional and mental factors. It is not only a financial investment but is quite a fruitful investment in terms of your personality change as well. Here is the thing, if you go to the right consultant; half your job is done.

Since most of the successful surgeons report a success rate of about 98%, but we at HairMD will help you differentiate between the authentic and the fake claims.

Let us look into what goes to make hair transplantation a success:


1) Before Hair Transplant: The evaluation procedure

A success rate is generally intimated to a patient right during the consultations with the surgeon. I cannot emphasize this fact enough, but choosing the right surgeon or a consultant who answers your hair transplant-related questions right from ideal candidature for surgery, care before restoration, transplant-related myths and facts to what to do to achieve best results etc. patiently and gives you a true image is of utmost importance. It will, by and large, depend on the quality of your hair whether the grafting process will be a success or not. Most patients who go for FUE hair transplants are looking at getting their hair back since it is a major factor to enhance their personality.

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What makes hair transplant clinic the best?

2) Success depends on the objectives

Although the thumb rule is to see the quality and the quantity of hair graft grown a year later, each patient has different hopes. To start with some patients walk in merely to accentuate their self-esteem, some to re-live their “Surakshit kale mere Baal” days and some simply to ensure that they do not bald at a very early age. I simply wanted my “Rapunzel” like hair back and that is why they referred the most suitable surgeons to me to make sure, I meet my aim. A good surgeon will always ask you what your aim is and then accordingly go for either a Follicular Unit Extraction or a Follicular Unit Transplant!

3) Your hair, your care

But, it would be unfair to say that you should only depend on the surgeon to ensure that your hair transplant is a success rate. In my experience, it is a 70-30 game. Even if the surgeons do their best and you have a successful Follicular Unit Extraction or a FUT, if you do not pay heed to the after guide and follow the instructions– then your hair transplant is sure to fail.



4) It’s all about how you feel

It is also extremely important to remember that the success rate highly depends on what you feel after the transplant. Most people evaluate the success of the transplant on the basis of their high self-confidence and self-esteem. So, do not worry about the other two percent- there is always going to be a 100% chance for you to get that self-confidence that you are looking for if you follow the right measures!

So, by the end of this QA, you must have come to know the success rate of hair transplant is not merely number like X%. & most importantly, there is nothing like 100% & its only relative term in case of results.

The success of the treatment can be defined as

“Skills of Surgeon + Clinic Infrastructure + Technology + Efforts Put by Patient after Hair Transplant in Care + Misc. X factors = Success of Hair transplant.”

The patient-oriented clinics always make the patient aware of the true success rate of hair transplant to patients & try to help them.

Final words-

“The success rate of hair transplant is not the number that is to be sought for. The success rate depends on many parameters like Clinic, Technology, surgeon & most importantly your contribution and support after a hair transplant.”

So, research thoroughly before going for hair transplant & make sure you choose the correct parameters & criteria and realistic expectations for hair transplant. Still, If you need any help from us then email us at drdhananjay.social@gmail.com or contact our Patient Support team at +91-7888091119. Also, you can take consultation with us for more advanced information on Hair Transplant.

Thanks for reading and taking out your valuable time!

About HairMD India:

HairMD India is Patient-Oriented, Metholodial hair transplant centre in Pune which specializes in FUE method & has treated more than 700+ patients in its tenure in Pune, Karad and all over Maharashtra. Since its first surgery, HairMD has been successfully delivering the results to patients and has successfully invented its own methods of transplant surgeries. Since its conception, We have been successful in delivering results to patients and has not seen the case of failed hair transplant.


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" Correction of physical appearance and making it aesthetically perfect is not a mere status issue, its about making your soul comfortable in your body "

-Dr. Dhananjay Chavan


FUE Hair Transplant: Advanced Hair Transplant Method

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Technique is the most advanced hair transplant technique.

FUE method of hair transplant is one of the most popular & advanced hair loss, male or female pattern baldness treatments offered at HairMD- hair transplant clinic in Pune with best, real and amazing hair transplant results. In the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Technique of hair transplant, each hair follicle is individually harvested from the scalp, using high precision, circular punches. It is then immediately transplanted back on bald patches on the scalp. This technique leaves small linear scars and is not very painful, which used to be the case previously with the strip harvesting or FUT hair transplant Technique. FUE is a highly advanced hair transplant technique. In this technique, Follicular units of hair are harvested individually from the donor area unlike the Strip Method, where a strip of tissue with hair follicular units is excised from the back of the scalp. Here instead of taking the Strip, small, precise motorized or manual punches are used to excise each hair graft individually and then transplanted.

The hairs which are to be used for transplantation can be taken from-

  1. Donor area for hair transplant: The back & sides of the head (Occipital and Temporal Areas) - The hair in these areas remain unaffected by baldness. They are not susceptible to the action of DHT (DiHydroTestosterone), and thus don’t fall off. Hence they offer a good source of hair to be transplanted in the bald area.
  2. Beard for hair transplant - People with a good growth of beard hair have the added advantage of using the beard for hair transplant. Since the beard hairs are thicker and coarser than the scalp hair, mixing them with the scalp hair, gives us a great density and good coverage of the head. Once expertly mixed with the hair from the head, it is very difficult to distinguish them from the head hair when they start growing.
  3. Body Hairs for hair transplant - Chest, Axillary & Pubic Hair. As a last resort, when a large number of hairs are required to be transplanted, like in extreme severe baldness, we can also effectively use hair from the rest of the body to be transplanted on the head.

In order to achieve the best & real Fue hair transplant results-

And to be scientifically perfect, the bundles of hair that are harvested from the head are removed from the scalp and examined under a digital microscope before being transplanted. They are separated according to the number of hairs in each bundle.

Our hair on the head usually grows in bundles of 1’s, 2’s, 3’s & 4’s. These bundles are known as follicular units or hair grafts. It has been proved that the best & the most real looking hair transplant results are obtained when these hairs are transplanted, just as they are, in groups, without separating them. Also, the most natural & real hair transplant results are obtained, when the hairs are placed in the scalp, exactly the way they first grew on our head at birth. The front of our hairline is made up of single hair follicular units, the transition zone has a mixture of double hair and single hair follicle units and the rest of the hair behind that is a blend of all remaining hair. When this original pattern is not consciously followed by the doctor, the results are not natural & real and patients are disappointed. The success of hair transplant also depends on the angle and direction of the naturally growing hair. These are important facts that patients need to understand, before going in for a hair transplant. Normally, the hairs present in the hairline grow at a very acute angle of 15-20 degrees to the skin of the head. As we progress from the hairline to the crown, this angle subtly increases, eventually the hair becoming almost vertical in the crown. This gradual change is very subtle and for the transplant to look perfectly natural, this has to be kept in mind by the doctor.

The direction of the growing hair is also equally important. As we move from the center to the sides of the head, the direction changes from straight to sideways. The point at which this change starts happening is unique to every person and it is for the doctor to recognize this during the consultation. Following the natural direction of hair during hair transplantation, is one of the key factors which helps a doctor in giving a natural and artistically pleasing look to the hair transplanted.

In a hair transplant, the whole concept of designing the hairline & crown is based on the above two factors. When the doctor has a thorough knowledge of these rules of hair architecture, he is able to create the perfect hairlines & crowns and also add to the existing ones. HairMD India is the only one that considers all these factors, making it the most trusted name among the hair transplant clinics in Pune.

As a take- away message, there are 3 key points about FUE (follicular unit extraction) hair transplant to bear in mind:

  1. There is hard to see scar on back of head.
  2. There is minimal pain. The most you would feel would be that of an ant bite, during the administration of local anesthesia, after which there is minimal feeling of pain at all. During the surgery, you can read, converse with the doctor and staff, take a snack or lunch break, and return home in the evening without any problem. Also, post hair transplant pain in minimal & you can start working from next day with little precautions.
  3. Delightful and real looking results, and recovery within a very short period. You are ready for work the next day.

You can learn more about FUE hair transplant & FAQs here. If you are genuinely considering to undergo hair transplant, then you can choose hair transplant consultation with our hair transplant doctors or contact here.