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Is PRP hair treatment permanent for Hair Loss?

Having a lot of hair loss problem, thinking of getting PRP treatment, but don’t know is PRP hair treatment permanent solution or not. It is a very famous treatment when we think about hair loss. We all love having denser, long and luscious hair. Nowadays in the market, this treatment is having good demand and this procedure is been performed in many clinics in India and abroad. With the growing crowd and of the competitive market it’s really important to maintain a good and healthy hair.

Is PRP hair treatment permanent for Hair Loss


PRP treatment for hair

Let’s check about PRP treatment, how the treatment is done and the benefits we can get from this treatment.

  • It is made up from a patient’s blood and the plasma is extracted and use then injected into the scalp.
  • It’s mostly taken 30 to 40 ml of blood.
  • It’s not a US FDA approved treatment, but one of the most comment treatment followed by a dermatologist.
  • It is one of the safe treatments done and helps in giving results if done an initial period of hair loss.
  • It works well, more for athletics and a person who does regular exercise.

PRP for hair loss


Talking about PRP it’s really the best treatment but not all get benefited from this treatment. But with PRP if done other line of hair loss treatments with US FDA approved medications, then you will really see good and drastic results. Other lines of treatments like LLLT, mesotherapy, derma roller, micro needling etc with minoxidil and finasteride will be more beneficial.

If we are only talking about PRP being the permanent solution then I will say not its cure your baldness. As I said the above maintain treatments also required to give you excellent and good results. There are lots of talks about PRP and lots of scientific talks as well.



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How long does PRP last for hair loss?

When we talk about this, then depending on our hair condition only your dermatologist will say you the no of treatments will be required. 6 to 8 no of sessions is advised normally by the doctor. This treatments really work if done after hair transplant treatment to retain the remaining hairs. It works well for controlling hair loss process.

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