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Female Hair Loss

Female Hair Loss: hair loss in women, causes and treatment. Now a days, hair loss and thinning in women is common. Some time due to genetics or certain medical reasons like thyroid etc. Hair loss in women is observed. The question of what can cause hair loss in women attributes to many factors ranging from simple nutritional deficiencies, hormonal changes or stress….
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What is the cost of prp hair treatment


PRP is called as platelets rich plasma, where we take 10 ml to 40 ml of blood from a patients body (it varies from clinic to clinic) and then the extracted blood is centrifuged for 20 to 25 mins and then the plasma is ready to be extracted. The concentrated plasma is rich in growth factors then through multiple microinjections, we puncture into the scalp. This is one of the best treatment for hair loss and hair thinning. PRP treatment is to increase the blood circulation and to increase blood flow in the scalp.

PRP is not only used for hair treatment but also use for skin rejuvenation treatment as well even it has multiple uses in treating chronic tendon problems such as tennis elbow, muscle sprain, sports injuries etc. PRP is one of the best supportive treatment for before and after hair transplant treatment.

Side effects of PRP:

  • This treatment is completely safe to use, as its own blood and so it doesn’t show any allergic reactions.
  • But due to multiple injections, the respective area gets reddish in color and swollen up due to blood circulations.

How long does PRP last for hair loss:

  • PRP treatment can be done after every 21 days or once a month, with a minimum of 6 to 8 no of sittings as per doctor’s advice.

PRP results for hair loss

  • PRP treatment gives a good result for controlling hair loss but it’s not seen in all cases but with multiple sessions, it’s seen new hair roots.
  • PRP improves hair roots and gives strengths to new hair growth. PRP and derma roller together also gives an excellent result in controlling hair fall and strengthen the hair roots.

Is PRP effective for hair loss?

PRP for hair transplant

  • PRP is an excellent treatment with the combination with a hair transplant.
  • Before and after hair transplant when PRP is done, which helps to strengthen the other hair roots and even transplanted hairs get lots of blood circulation, which promotes good hair condition.


Cost Of PRP treatment

  • Cost of this treatment varies from clinic to clinic, due to lots of factors like infrastructure, the doctor doing the procedure, the area of the scalp to be treated etc.
  • Generally, its seen the cost ranges from amount 2000rs to 20,000 rs.

I have given you complete information about the PRP treatment and its cost so that it will be more helpful to you to understand the treatment completely and the cost factor.

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Female Hair Loss: hair loss in women, causes and treatment.

Now a days, hair loss and thinning in women is common. Some time due to genetics or certain medical reasons like thyroid etc. Hair loss in women is observed. The question of what can cause hair loss in women attributes to many factors ranging from simple nutritional deficiencies, hormonal changes or stress due to work or mental situation etc. The following section helps you to understand phenomenon of loss of hair in women and ways to prevent hair loss.

The causes of hair loss in females:

Some of the causes are briefed here.

  1. Hair loss due to Certain Nutritional or Vitamin deficiencies: The subclinical nutritional deficiencies of Vit D3 , Vit B12 , iron are chiefly responsible for hair loss due to nutritional deficiencies in females. This can be prevented by following some good hair loss diet plan.
  2. Hormonal hair loss in women: Variation in hormonal levels in the female body has been found to be important reason for hair loss in women. Various hormones that contribute to hormonal hair loss in women are thyroid hormones, oestrogen, progesterone, FHS, LH etc. Also, life changing events like pregnancy or menopause can also contribute to hormonal imbalance in women which may contribute to temporary hair loss.
  3. Stress and hair loss in women: Both mental and physiological stress are increasingly becoming main contributors to hair loss in working women.

We at, HairMD- hair loss clinic in Pune, take care of hairs of our patients by providing them with the best hair loss treatment- customised cocktail therapy for hair loss which is based on proven medical research. Currently, finasteride and Minoxidil are mainstay treatment for hair loss in women and men- mainly to stop the progression of male pattern hair loss or baldness in females and males. Finasteride is a tablet which blocks the hormones- 5-alpha-reductase in the body which is responsible for hair loss. Minoxidil increases the vascularity i.e. blood flow of the scalp and promotes hair growth. Along with Finasteride and Minoxidil, various procedures like platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP), mesotherapy, micro needling, and low level laser light therapy (LLLT therapy for hair loss) are done to treat hair loss.

In PRP hair loss treatment, concentrated growth factors extracted from our own blood are delivered to hair follicles on the scalp. In microneedling for hair loss, thousands of micro punctures are created in our scalp with the help of micro needling derma roller devices. These micro punctures results in released of intrinsic growth factors at that site stimulate hair growth.

In low level laser light therapy (LLLT), light from a red cold laser is delivered to the hair, this laser light stimulates the hair follicles for faster growth. LLLT treatment is US FDA approved for hair loss problem. In mesotherapy, growth peptides, plane stem cell extract and various other growth factors are delivered locally to our hair.

All these hair loss treatment & procedures along with medication are responsible for the great results. We have been lucky to treatment more than 119023 & counting hair loss & related patients at HairMD and ClearSkin- Laser and hair clinic and could deliver successful results over the period of 28 years under the umbrella of Dr Dhananjay Chavan, MBBS, DDV- one of best dermatologist in Pune, Karad, Kolhapur.

You can see our hair loss treatment results here or on Don’t worry, if you are experiencing sudden hair loss or severe long term hair loss, take hair loss consultation with our dermatologists or hair loss doctors. Also, please visit our page for more hair loss treatment result.