Female Hair Loss

Result f2

Female pattern baldness pictures taken on first day of consultation.

1st Day

Dermaroller for hair loss treatment results after one month

1st Month

Mesotherapy for hair results after four months.

4th Month

Minoxidil hair loss results after seven months

7th Month


Gender – Female

Age – 32


Result f1

This image shows women hair loss image.

1st Day

This image shows hair growth image & mesotherapy results

3rd Month

This image shows hair growth image & PRP hair treatment results

8th Month


The Complete Hair Loss Therapy A female with considerable hair loss came in for a consultation. The initial assessment covered hormonal check-ups, and the patient was prescribed multi-vitamins and topical applications. As her treatment progressed, she was advised to undergo a total of 10 hair growth sessions, with a gap of one month between consecutive treatments. This comprehensive therapy including seven Mesotherapysessions and three sessions of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy sessions.

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" Correction of physical appearance and making it aesthetically perfect is not a mere status issue, its about making your soul comfortable in your body "

-Dr. Dhananjay Chavan

*Video Counselling only for outside pune


*Video Counselling only for outside pune