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Female Hair Loss

What is Diffuse hair loss?

What is Diffuse hair loss

What is Diffuse hair loss, types & the causes of diffuse hair loss? Diffuse hair loss is a condition in which overall scalp hair density becomes low. Acute, Subacute & Chronic these are the types of Diffuse hair loss.

Does Dermaroller regrow hair?

Does Dermaroller regrow hair

In this video, Dr. Dhananjay Chavan explains in detailed how does Dermaroller useful in hair loss, male pattern hair loss & female pattern hair loss. He also explains How Derma Roller is done & why it is done.

Hair loss in 50 year old woman

Hair loss in 50 year old woman

What are the causes of Female hair loss at age of 50 also having a Thyroid problem? Hormonal imbalance, anemia, vitamin deficiency, Chronic stress these are the causes of female hair loss. Also, thyroid is the main reason for hair loss.

What nutrients are required for healthy hair

What nutrients are required for healthy hair

What are the essential nutrients for hair? Iron, folic acid, protein, Vitamins B, calcium, amino acids, fatty acids & Vitamin D these are the essential nutrients for hair. These nutrients make hair healthy, nourish & strong.

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