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Is electrolysis painful?

Do you think is electrolysis painful? Wanted to get electrolysis laser hair removal done? You need to consult a dermatologist and he is the best person to guide you with treatment procedures and the no of sessions. Dr. Dhananjay Chavan will help you to understand the process of electrolysis.

Is electrolysis painful


What is electrolysis laser hair removal?

It is the process through which we can remove individual hairs from our body or face. Electrolysis is more painful procedure than laser hair removal as individual hair root is targeted and by one & it is burned out. This may lead to permanent scarring after treatment. A very fine probe is inserted into each hair follicles and with the help of tweezers, it is removed. Due to this treatment, you can experience slight redness on your skin. You can get this treatment in any part of the body like eyebrows. abdomen, legs, thigs etc.


Electrolysis vs laser hair removal

Talking about treatment for laser hair removal, do you know these two are the most popular treatment for hair removal treatment.

  • Electrolysis benefits: 

This is the treatment which dermatologist only be doing as they need to remove each hair follicle from the hair root. It gives more accurate results and is more beneficial.

  • Electrolysis side effects

As we remove each hair follicles so chances of scaring can be seen. Another point is redness can occur. But this is experience very rare in many cases.

  • Laser hair removal benefits:

It uses mild radiations with a heat laser. It can be done on any part of the body and take minimal time for the procedure. There is no downtime required for the treatment. It works well for both light and dark skin tone person.

  • Laser hair removal Side effects:

The side effects of laser hair removal are blisters, inflammations, irritations, swelling, redness. The side effects are really not permanent but can fade away in a few spans of time.


Is electrolysis painful?

It is seen some people say electrolysis is painful but few also says it’s painless. In case you are feeling pain then it’s better to use anaesthetic cream. It is considered to take more no of sessions than laser hair removal and it is cheaper too. It’s every treatment lasts from 15 min to 1 hour generally. 

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