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Can i wear a hat after applying minoxidil

Question: – After how long can I wear a cap after applying minoxidil?



So as you must be knowing minoxidil topical lotion is the FDA approved a drug used to control hair loss, its used in both male and female pattern hair loss. It is used to preserve the existing hair even it is advised post hair transplant surgery for the growth of transplanted hair. The advice dose of minoxidil topical lotion is 1ml twice in day morning + night application.

As per the studies conducted and researchers are done on the absorption of minoxidil, it has been noted that the absorption of minoxidil in 1 hour after the application is about 30% to 40%. After 4 hours the absorption is about 60% to 75 %, and in 8 hours time, its absorption is almost 80 -90%. So ideally it is advised to keep minoxidil for 8 hours for good results or good action of the medicine.

As per your query what I understood, you need to know after application of minoxidil when can you wear a cap? So after application let the lotion get dried up on our scalp properly it will take minimum 20 to 30 minutes for the lotion to absorb on the scalp then you can wear your cap or helmet, but let it dry.

Even at night time application let it dry then you can go to bed, or sometimes immediately after application few people go the sleep so it may get absorbed on bed or pillow and can get in contact with your face or ears, so it may lead to excess facial hair growth. So mostly it is advised to dry up the minoxidil properly after application then u can do your daily routine. Also, wash your hand’s post application of minoxidil.

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