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What is an Erbium Glass Laser treatment? Erbium Glass Fractional Laser treatment has been widely used by plastic surgeons to treat skin irregularities like wrinkles and acne scars. Lasers have also been used for permanent hair removal procedures. However, recent studies have extended this same technology to treat hair loss issues. Erbium Glass Laser removes the skin layer from your scalp that is prohibiting hair regeneration and allows the body’s natural healing mechanism to take over to replace the void with healthy skin cells. This healthier layer contains stem cells that reinitiate the growth phase of the hair shaft.

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About Erbium
Glass Laser Treatment

Hair growth in humans happens in three stages. During the first stage, called the anagen, the hair grows out of its follicles and continues to elongate for months. In the second catagen phase, the hair strands stop growing and detach themselves from their underlying follicles. The last stage, called the telogen, is where the hair falls out and the follicles undergo a resting period before which anagen can begin again.

Hair growth in humans happens in three stages. During the first stage, called the anagen, the hair grows out of its follicles and continues to elongate for months. In the second catagen phase, the hair strands stop growing and detach themselves from their underlying follicles. The last stage, called the telogen, is where the hair falls out and the follicles undergo a resting period before which anagen can begin again.

AGA is a genetic disease that does not destroy the hair follicles. Hence, removing a targeted layer of the skin on the scalp can eliminate the dormant stem cells, and when healthy skin replaces the same, active stem cell production is restored. Erbium Glass Laser Treatment achieves this by sending a laser beam of fixed wavelength to the surface of your scalp. The beam only heats the dermis, or the inner layer of the skin, leaving the upper waterproof layer intact. With time, the body heals the dermis layer that the laser destroyed and fills it with healthy skin cells.

The treatment is approved by the United States FDA. The Erbium Glass Laser benefits include no long-term health consequences, given your medical history, and the treated region will be back to normal in a matter of 10-21 days. You should see hair growth soon depending on the hair growth rate you had before the hair loss started.

HairMD provides the most effective and advanced treatment for all skin and hair issues. With HairMD being backed by a renowned transplant surgeon and dermatologist, we have successfully treated over 1 lakh patients in India and this number is increasing every day. At HairMD, you will find the solutions to all your hair and skin problems that will be provided by our internationally trained doctors. Our success rate of 98.32% speaks volumes about our innovative treatments that have made us one of the top clinics in India.


HairMD has been at the forefront of technological advancement in healthcare. We pride ourselves on our cutting-edge solutions for the most complicated treatments. At HairMD, we prioritize finding solutions above all else.


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“Hi, I am a 40 year old male who has been suffering from pattern baldness since my 30s. Due to various responsibilities like career, family, children, loans etc. I was not able to treat my hair loss. I just ignored it. However, more and more people started commenting about my baldness and it was a source of major insecurity. Finally, I was researching on Youtube and came across Dr Dhananjay Chavan's video about the topic, he seemed very knowledgeable and I knew that I had to consult with him. I am very happy about my transplant results and glad that I took this step.”



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Aiseh Khan

I am very blessed to have found such an amazing skincare clinic in Pune. My whole experience was fantastic, starting from consulting to the final treatment. I will be visiting the clinic again for other skin procedures. HairMD is absolutely amazing.

Swastika Jain

My skin is glowing after my treatment at HairMD. It's been a wonderful experience with the absolute best doctors. I am extremely happy at how my skin turned out and I cannot wait to go for more procedures. Thank you HairMD clinic.


Deepa Ghosh

With the advanced treatment they use, I can absolutely say that HairMD is one of the best skincare clinics in India. I am in absolute bliss after my fantastic treatment. I could not believe my eyes after seeing my face. Impeccable and fantastic service.


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About Erbium Glass Laser Treatment

Erbium Glass Laser Treatment is most effective for treating AGA. Other types of hair loss involving side effects of medications, chemotherapy, autoimmune diseases or scalp ringworms cannot be treated until the underlying cause is halted altogether. Erbium Glass Laser works only if the hair follicles are structurally intact and the body can still produce the hair-regenerating stem cells.

The doctor will first take your medical history to understand if you are on any medication that can prevent blood from clotting. Accordingly, he/she will advise you about the treatment. During the procedure, the expert will anesthetize the scalp region and you will not feel a thing. Following the procedure, your scalp will remain under a bandage, which will need dressing 4 to 5 times a day for the next few days and you might be given antibiotics to prevent infection. At the end of 3 weeks, your scalp will return to normal.

Erbium Glass Fractional Laser Treatment is completely safe. Yet, there are some potential risks that you should know about.

  • Burns from the laser’s heat; rarely happens in expert hands
  • Scarring on the skin; removable with care
  • Bacterial infection; preventable with antibiotics
  • Skin pigmentation change; will restore to normal with time

Inform the doctor about all your pre-existing medical conditions. This is important for the erbium glass laser before and after preparation/recovery processes. Also, you cannot smoke during the 21 days recovery period as smoking slows down healing. Lastly, consult with the doctor and start applying sunscreen on your scalp, after full recovery, to protect the area from UV rays.

This entirely depends on your body’s capacity and rate to produce stem cells. But the success rate is high and you should get results soon.