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Male Hair Loss

Can I Reverse Grey Hair

We all dream of having thick and luscious and dark hairs, but not always our dream come true. Isn’t it? It’s really annoying to deal with grey hairs; mostly any age group of people is getting affected by this issue. Grey hairs are also the sign of aging like wrinkles, but it’s nothing wrong as age process, we have to pass this stage as well. Be confident in any stage of life, which is the best part to deal with anything in life.

Talking about grey hairs, let’s find out the reason or the cause of aging:

  • We all know the keratin is one of the proteins which makes our hairs stronger and gives strength.
  • As we all grow older the pigmented cells which are present in the hair follicles slowly starts to die.
  • We all know melanin, which is present in the hair follicles, is the pigment which is responsible for the hair color. As we age, the production of the melanin reduces in our body, which results in grey hairs.
  • It’s also seen the hormones which resulting in stress can reduce the melanocyte stem cell resulting in grey hairs.
  • It is also seen low Vitamin B12 can cause grey hairs.
  • Smoking is one of the causes for greying of hairs in men.

Let’s check some important facts on how to deal with premature greying:

  • In case you are aware of genetic factors, then you can handle premature greying of hairs from the beginning like maintaining a good and balanced diet, sound sleep, with taking less stress, mental stability etc.
  • Lack of copper, zinc, b vitamins, iron, pantothenic acid is less amount in diet results in grey hairs. so it’s better to include those in the diet in the initial period.
  • Using harsh shampoos, improper oiling etc is one of the factors for grey hairs.

Let’s check the treatment to help in grey hairs;

Actually talking about grey hairs, till now there are no treatments to discover to reverse the process, but premature grey can be controlled and can be reversed. Genetic greying can be delayed if from initial period its taken care.

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