Common Grey Hair Myths and Facts


Blog, Hair loss | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | October 14, 2022

Hair greying is a natural phenomenon. Usually, as you age, your hair starts showing your wisdom. While some accept it and flaunt it gracefully, some worry about it. It includes especially those encountering premature grey hair.

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But often, grey hair doesn’t worry people as much as grey hair myths and facts do. These myths have been around for years and passed from generation to generation, making them appear genuine. So, let’s bust five such grey hair myths.

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5 Popular Grey Hair Myths and Facts

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  1. Plucking One Grey Hair Will Multiply it

This is the most common myth – something we’ve inherited from our ancestors. You find a shiny grey hair on your head and think if you should pluck it or not; if you do, it might cause three others to grow in its place. But it isn’t true.

Of course, plucking grey hair isn’t a great idea. But doing so would at least not multiply the grey hair. The hair follicle remains there to regrow the grey strand. In some cases, plucking may damage the follicle and restrict hair growth.

  1. Only Aging Causes Grey Hair

Usually, aging causes grey hair. But not in all cases. While some people suffer from premature grey hair due to genetics, in some cases, it is poor nutrition that causes white hair. Hence, grey hair these days is a common sight in a 15-year-old boy or a girl, as much as it is in the case of a 25-and 35-year-old. So, it isn’t necessarily true that hair starts turning grey only after the 40s.

  1. Exposure to Sunlight Causes Grey Hair

Sunlight can cause the skin to darken and worsen the wrinkles on your face. But it doesn’t turn black hair to grey. Wearing a cap or a hat outdoors isn’t a bad idea. But doing so won’t stop your hair from greying. However, it may help protect the existing grey hair from sun damage as grey hair is relatively weak.

  1. Stress Causes Silver Hair

Now, there could be some truth to it. But you cannot generalize. Stress can have multiple and varying effects on an individual’s hair. It causes most to go bald. But whether stress causes silver hair or not doesn’t have enough scientific evidence. It may cause the hair to turn grey in some cases but not all.

  1. Hair Greys Overnight

Hair greying is a gradual process and doesn’t happen overnight. You may notice grey hair suddenly. But it must have been there for a while and not have turned grey overnight. It must have remained hidden and unnoticed all along.

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