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FUE- The most preferred method for hair transplant!

Feb 4, 2018

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FUE- The most preferred method for hair transplant!


As an FUE Hair Transplant Surgeon, I get a lot of queries from patients who are planning to undergo the procedure. I have penned down this article to address those queries.

Often, I meet people for whom hair loss is one of their biggest worries. They feel they lose on the age edge because their hair is not compliant with your youth.

They lose out on dates, are referred to as uncle and aunt by society kids etc.

Have all of these aforementioned problems bothered you frequently as well?

Well, then we are sure that a hair transplant has crossed your mind.

In this article, we will talk about the most recent gift of technology to us- FUE hair transplant and the most common questions related to it.

1) Do you know what is Hair transplant as a procure? Here is the basic understanding for you to make a calculated decision.

Hair Transplant is basically a redistribution of hair to the top of scalp from the spots of hair that have good growth. The spot which is selected as the donor spot is not prone to hormonal hair loss and has permanent hair.

2) What makes the donor hair eligible?

As somebody considering hair transplant, you should know the difference between the transplanted area and the donor area. Hair from the donor area is picked in comparison to the spots from where the patient is balding.


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3) What are the two methods for hair transplant?

There are two types of transplants that you can consider. But FUE hair transplant is the recent one and a more efficient way of undertaking hair transplant. The main difference lies in the quality of the result produced and the method which is used in carrying out both the procedures.

4) Is FUE a boon to humankind?

In an FUE Hair Transplant, the donor’s hair is picked follicle by follicle from the permanent zone as compared to a strip. In the FUE method, every follicular unit is separately removed with the help of various types of punches motor and helps you place every single follicle conveniently. The best part is that it leaves no big linear scar and is a really convenient procedure.

5) Why FUE over FUT?

The best part is that the patients can resume their daily activities after an FUE Hair transplant very soon. With FUT method or strip method, we have to keep in mind the restrictions. We can only deal with 2000, 2500, 3000 or 4000 grafts in one sitting, making it a long and tedious procedure. On the other hand, 1 lakh grafts can be worked upon at the same time. Consulting a good hair transplant clinic will clear all the doubts you have and will give you an exact analysis of pros and cons that come with both the method.


The FUE method has gained popularity in the recent times- thanks to how efficiently technology complements it. As somebody who is considering hair transplant, it is also very important to know that with FUE hair transplant, you have very few tweaks to make to your lifestyle whereas, with FUT, you have to undergo a long and tedious process in order to get successful grafting done.


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