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HairMD Website Information

  • is (hence forth referred as “Website”) created to represent Transplant HairMD Pvt. Ltd (hence forth referred as “HairMD”) on internet/virtual world as a web presence. HairMD is Dermatology clinic that specializes in treating Hair related problems.
  • This website is created to officially represent the HairMD.
  • This Website created for Patients to provide the information about treatments available, Diseases treated, Experts & Doctors & find more important information like contact, address etc. about HairMD.
  • Also, this particular website created to provide the content about hair & its related problems like hair loss, baldness, alopecia areata, laser hair removal (& many more which are not covered here) in the form of videos, QAs, blogs, Timeline & before after images to educate the patients.
  • The content created & presented on website is solely developed by HairMD. The content is generated in the form of imagery, videos & text. The generated content is reviewed by HairMD (By its Doctors & Experts) before publishing on site.
  • Though, HairMD tries to accomplish the accuracy of produced content, sometimes & under some situations, ingredients of content published may not be 100% correct & does not guarantee the same. So, before taking any action purely based on content seen on website, please refer to your physician & seek advice.
  • All the content created & published on website in any form (text, video, imagery, website design or any other) is owned & belongs to HairMD. It cannot be reproduced under any circumstances or situation prior to written permission of HairMD. The violation of the same may result in stringent legal action against violators.
  • This website may have user generated data in the form of comments, opinions, suggestions, discussions, questions etc. This data represents the users only & liable to them. HairMD does not guarantee the liability & accuracy of this data as it is user generated. So, before taking any action based on it, It is strongly recommended to seek the advice of your physician.
  • In case any Query about the content or wants to suggest any improvement, please reach us at or contact us on +91-9317505050 or meet us at Cll-5, 2nd floor, Sharadaram Park, Sassoon Road, Pune-411001.
  • Website & HairMD does not accept any advertisement.
  • HairMD is committed to make its website available for all possible audience. In case, the patient below the age of 18 is accessing the website, then it is strongly advised that he/she should consult physician with parents.

This website is designed, owned & maintained by “Transplant HairMD Pvt. Ltd.”