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Laser Hair Removal

Does laser hair removal hurt?

How painful is a laser hair reduction procedure?

While a lot of us have thought of finally getting all that annoying hair permanently removed from the parts of the body other than the head, we’re still sceptical of it when it comes to actually doing it. And one of the major reasons holding us back is usually: won’t it hurt?

Let’s set those fears and doubts at rest once and for all. Laser hair removal involves the application of a laser beam over skin that wants to be made free of hair. This beam is absorbed by the follicles, the heat in the beam dries them out, causing them to fall off. Now since it involves the production of heat, some pain is expected. But it varies from machine to machine, and machines which use a cool dip laser probe (it balances the heat produced), or a vacuum assisted laser probe (the skin is pulled towards the laser beam so that the pain associated is reduced) ensure that the pain is almost nil.

So with the advances made in technology, it has become possible to assure the client of no more pain than that of an ant bite during a laser hair removal session.

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