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Laser Hair Removal

Is Laser hair removal permanent?

What is the process of Laser Hair Reduction? Is it permanent?

Laser treatment helps reduce thick hair on your body which could affect our anxiety levels or self-perception. It can effectively reduce the need to resort to painful, inconvenient and messy methods. Laser hair reduction is a process that involves Diode lasers, Nd-Yag lasers or Alexandrite lasers. These lasers attack hair follicles with a lot of concentrated energy that consequently kill them.

However, hair follicles react in two different ways. They could absorb all the light and die or reduce in size. If they reduce in size, your hair reduces in size. You’ll need consecutive sessions to get the best results available. Therefore, the term ‘laser hair removal’ is a misnomer. Usually, six to ten settings are enough to dramatically reduce the size of your hair and kill follicles too. They will be invisible to the naked eye.

If ten to twelve sessions are carried out over a period of two to three years, hair follicle death can be achieved unless an individual is affected by hormonal imbalances that cause changes in the pattern of hair growth. For instance, women who have a polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) or hyperandrogenism have increased hair growth due to high stimulation.

So even though it is possible to achieve permanence, it will definitely take time while providing satisfactory results along the way. Only in undesirable hormonal conditions will this stage be unattainable.

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