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Question:- Sir My age is 18, how to grow beard hair. My father is also having less beard hair. Can I use Minoxidil & Dermaroller to grow a beard?

Answer :-

As you have mentioned, you’re having very less, thin beard at the age of 18. Your father also has the same kind of beard. This show you’re having a genetic predisposition of having very sparse hair on your beard.

However, there are multiple factors which are responsible for thick, dense hair on beard. The most important is level of your androgens in your body. This is the reason why male has a thick, dense beard. Hair follicles on beard in male, has very long anagen phase, due to this they can grow very long in length. So one can wish to grow their beard very long. However, if genetic factors having short anagen phase hair follicles predominates, then there are chances of having shortened anagen phase of beard in the next generation.

Use of topical Minoxidil can be tried to improve thickness & growth of the hair on beard area, but it will not be able to give thick, dense hair growth as expected. The hair growth with minoxidil will be temporary & may fall out once the application is stopped. Beard hair transplant is also the best option to grow beard hair.


Derma roller can be used as a line of treatment to improve the thickness of hair on beard area, by creating multiple micro injuries on the skin & thus forming new blood vessels beneath the hair follicles to grow them thicker.

If live hair follicles are present on the beard area then & then only it will show improvement after practicing these treatments, but if no. of live hair follicles are not present, or absent in genes then whatever treatment you do, you will not be able to grow beard with these kinds of treatments except hair transplant.

You can try using the above methods under the supervision of board-certified dermatologist who can provide you solution for your problem in 360 degrees.

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