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Male Hair Loss

My dermatologists prescribed a PRP treatment for my hair loss, does PRP work for hair loss in men?


First of all, I would like to appreciate you that you consulted a dermatologist for your hair loss problem. as your dermatologists have prescribed you a PRP treatment may be along with some medications like minoxidil or finasteride, you might be suffering from the androgenic alopecia.

To answer your question is a straightforward ” YES, IT DOES WORK FOR HAIR LOSS IN MEN.” but to answer your question I need to go in bit details.

PRP is a minimally invasive, completely autologous and natural day care procedure performed by a dermatologist in their clinic for hair loss. it has other utilities in skin rejuvenation and joint problems, neurosurgery, oral surgery too.

In PRP your own blood is taken and centrifuged to separate plasma from blood cell this plasma contains various growth factors mentioned below which have different functionalities which in synchronization causes hair growth and prevents hair loss

  1. Platelet-derived growth factor: help in skin formation and new blood vessel formation and cell replication.
  2. TGF-B: promotes matrix between cells
  3. VEGF: promotes blood vessel formation.
  4. IGF: maintains the normal physiological cycle of all type of cells

In androgenic alopecia DHT hormone act on your hair follicle and dermal papilla to accelerate its normal cycle causing more hair loss than more maturation, on the other hand, PRP stops that as it has various growth factors.

There are not many numbers of studies conducted on this but it seems to be very effective at HairMD India, Pune. But it alone doesn’t work it should be coupled with other treatments like Mesotherapy, medicinal therapy.

We at HairMD Pune provide comprehensive treatment for hair loss in men in Pune which we call as cocktail management of hair loss.

If you have any further doubts then I request you to book a consultation at HairMD Pune.

The video featured below give brief information about the male hair loss.


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