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Everyone should know these FAQs about Hair Transplant.

May 12, 2017

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Everyone should know these FAQs about Hair Transplant.

No one can pull off being bald, except Vin Diesel. early age balding can cause a lot of damage in the mental and social sense.  No one likes to go bald voluntarily, right? If you are looking for a hair transplant procedure let’s talk about one of the most common methods of hair transplant known as “Follicular Unit Extraction”.

1) What is Hair Transplant?

To put it in simple terms, “Hair Transplant” is the procedure which involves extraction of hair follicles from one part of the scalp or any part of a body as beard and grafting them into the balding area. You should watch this video to know all about Hair Transplant.

2) Where are the hair follicles extracted from?

Contrary to many popular rumours, the hair follicles which are used for grafting are extracted from the patient’s scalp itself, specifically the sides and the back area. These areas known as the “Safe Zones” Because it is not affected by baldness due to lack of DHT (hormones which are responsible for androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness) receptors on hair roots. Hence, they are known as the donor area. There are many popular misconceptions about hair transplant & which needs to be addressed. You can always visit your dermatologist to know the facts of hair transplant.

3) Are there different types of techniques used for hair transplant?

Any hair transplant is conducted via one of the two methods. The Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), commonly known as strip harvesting method, involves extraction of an entire strip of tissues and then implanting them. This procedure leaves a very small and linear scar, and the procedure itself can be little painful as stitching in involved. The other method is known as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) or invisible scar hair transplant which involves extraction of individual units. This method is minimal painful at all and can give you a real & natural look. The recovery time is also less and you can even start working the next day itself!

4) Is FUE the best technique?

Currently, it is considered to be the best technique to go far since it leaves a small linear scar and will give you that authentic natural look, but a visit to a physician is highly recommended before the surgery.

5) Are there any disadvantages of FUE hair transplant?  

Some individuals likely go on to develop balding in the safe zone. If FUE is performed using these follicles the individual may notice thinner hair in advance years of his life, But need not worry! As you can avoid it if you head over to a good surgeon. You can watch the video based on why it is important to choose experienced and good hair transplant surgeon for surgery.

We know the pain of hearing different opinions of hair transplant surgeons at different clinicswhen it has one simple solution. But don’t be frustrated, our hair transplant doctors (who are basically surgeons!) will help you with authentic and honest opinion during the consultation. You can check the profiles of our consultant and surgeons on You can put your query in the comment section below or just visit or contact our clinic for detailed information about hair transplant. Best Luck!

Update: Recently, we found a good article by Medispa on Hair transplant myths & facts that every to be Hair transplant patient should know.



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