What To Expect After FUE Hair Transplant?


Blog, Hair Transplant | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | July 4, 2021

What to expect after FUE hair transplant?

A lot of patients come to us on a regular basis for a hair transplant. After informing them about the entire procedure, we also tell them what to expect after FUE hair transplant & to have realistic expectations after FUE hair transplant. If you are ready to undergo FUE hair transplant then make sure you take complete consultation with your doctor. Don’t be over excited but have patience after FUE hair transplant. 

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I wanted to say you be imperative to sit for proper consultation before going through the process. And give hair transplant enough time to grow properly. You cannot expect it to grow completely within a month or a week. If you do, then you are in for a pool of disappointment.

Post hair transplant care

  1. The day after hair transplant surgery, it is completely normal to have a little blood on your scalp which you need to wash gently but thoroughly. The blood hardly ever occurs again so you do not have to worry about it. There might a little numbness in the donor area but the soreness has visibly reduced.
  2. There might be a little swelling on my forehead. Soreness and numbness in the donor area had completely disappeared.
  3. On Day 10, the grafts are permanently placed and cannot get dislodged. You need to exercise precaution for ten days after hair transplant surgery. 
  4. Three weeks later, the hair starts to shed and after 2-5 months they start to grow properly.
  5. Your hair starts to grow back normally after 7 months itself.

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Successful FUE hair transplant Depends On

  • The hair is available in the donor area.
  • The bald area that needs to be covered.
  • The availability of body hair as well as beard hair.
  • The designing of the hairline as per your face structure or age.

Important tips to remember after hair transplant

  • As mentioned previously, exercising caution is of top most priority. You need to take care of your hair for at least a year after transplant.
  • A hair transplant is generally not limited to one session or one seating, you need to sit for multiple sessions to get a successful hair transplant.
  • Only your doctor can tell you exactly the grafts that need to be placed in the transplant area. It depends on various factors, such as texture, curly or straight, age, hair growth in the donor area, to estimate the exact amount.
  • hair transplant is not a permanent solution, but it is an extremely long term. Just like your normal hair, degeneration might occur at an extremely old age.
  • Due to the absence of DHT receptors, you need to have a proper intake of minoxidil and finasteride to preserve your hair. Otherwise, the permanent hair transplant would wear out very soon and you will end up wasting time and money.
  • You definitely need to take minoxidil and finasteride because the hairs from the body and back of the scalp are resistant to DHT.
  • Shock Loss is extremely common after 3 months of a hair transplant? The recipient hair can cause the native hair to fall out as they get traumatized. This occurs in a few patients but is just a temporary problem.


Each case is different, it is extremely important to consult your doctor and go for multiple sessions before you undertake a hair transplant.

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