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Sep 25, 2017

 Why do men go bald?

If you are reading this, you are probably wondering about your receding hairline and sudden hair loss. No one likes being bald, except Vin Diesel!  We are sure you are wondering why this may be happening to you. Well, some of the reasons for that might be:

  • It’s in your DNA. 

If you have ever heard the term ‘Male pattern baldness’, you are probably familiar with the concept behind it. The reason behind your baldness can be your genes. If someone in your family is bald in a particular region or a zone, there are chances that those genes might be passed on to you. Fortunately, it can be cured by a hair transplant.

  • You are way too stressed.

No one likes depression, and we are sure everyone hates depression that can make you bald.Telogen Effluvium is the second most popular cause of male pattern baldness. It usually occurs when the person under a lot of stress, suffering from a major illness or is just over exhausted in a physical and mental level. The good news is that this is a temporary condition and your hair will grow back if you relax and let the surgery work its wonders.

 Yes! Lifestyle is Capable of Causing Hair loss & eventually lead to baldness. How? Read this Blog at earliest.

  • You are not eating right.

nutrition deficiency can also cause you baldness. If you are not eating right, or not following a balanced diet it can cause a lot of harm to your body and as well as your hair. The hormonal disorder is also one of the reasons behind male pattern baldness. It should be noted that a scalp infection or skin diseases can also cause temporary baldness.


You may or may not be going bald because of these reasons, which is why you can always come to HairMD to talk to any of us to get a medically accurate diagnosis of your condition.

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