Does Minoxidil Work on the Hairline or Frontal Baldness?


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Does Minoxidil Work On The Hairline Or Frontal Baldness?

Minoxidil for hairline

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Does Minoxidil work on hairline

This is a subject of debate among the dermatologists as well because no mass study is done on this query and every dermatologist usually is biased on the basis of their own clinical experience. 

Basically, minoxidil is a US FDA approved topical solution for pattern baldness in male and female. Minoxidil works in androgenetic hair loss, as well as other types of hair loss like telogen effluvium and alopecia areata.

So what happens in androgenetic alopecia or pattern baldness?

Under the influence of hormones DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) or a genetically predisposed patient (means the patient who has a relative with pattern baldness on the maternal or paternal side), the hairs especially on top of the scalp, crown area and the frontal area start thinning and shortening.

Their anagen phase (growth phase) of the hair growth cycle gets prematurely terminated and the hair goes into the telogen phase (which is the last phase of the growth cycle). Slowly hairs go into the dormant phase or in the majority of cases the hairs are lost. They do not grow back and bald patches occur. These bald patches are not like patches in alopecia areata but show a particular pattern and that’s why those are called pattern baldness. When such patches occur in a frontal area then it is called a receding hairline which you are suffering from.

There are different types of baldness, some start from a crown area called crown baldness and others start from all over the scalp area. Sometimes baldness occurs only in the central area. 

First of all, you need to know if a person is suffering from hair loss or not. The speed at which hair is lost is determined by the type of baldness that a patient is suffering from or whether it is genetic or stress-related. 

In males, receding hairline, crown baldness, central baldness or whole scalp baldness is possible. Pattern baldness occurs in females as well, especially in the central part of the scalp or top of the scalp but usually, the hairline is preserved and it doesn’t go off just like in a male.

Minoxidil’s action on the scalp is unpredictable and not all patients of baldness, either male or female, get benefited from the clinical properties of minoxidil. For some people, minoxidil works wonders and gives very good results.

Efficacy of Minoxidil work on Frontal Baldness

Minoxidil for hairline

As I mentioned earlier, it is difficult to answer whether minoxidil will work particularly for you or not. It responds differently for every individual. Its effect cannot be predicted until we use it for at least 5-6 months. Based on how it’s working for you, after a period, the dermatologist will either increase dosage or discontinue the course entirely and opt for another treatment.

Minoxidil does not regrow hairs that are lost from roots. But it changes the telogen phase (falling phase) hair into anagen phase (growing phase) hair, thus reducing hair loss and maintaining hair for a longer period. It prevents upcoming hair loss. To treat balding or receding hairline, you need to get a hair transplant done. Along with these medicines, you can also go for evidence-based therapies like – 

Do not take a decision on your own regarding any kind of treatment. Visit your nearest hair care expert clinic for detailed information regarding your baldness type and the best-suited treatment for you.

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