Shock loss vs Shedding after hair Transplant – What does it mean?


Hair Transplant, Questions | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | May 31, 2021

Shock loss after hair transplant

If you are thinking of hair transplant but worried about shock loss or shedding after hair transplant? This blog will help you understand more about the procedure and what you can expect so you can make an informed decision. 

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Shock loss after hair transplant: When and why does it occur?

Losing hair after a transplant is called shock loss. It is a common phenomenon of hair loss mostly seen after a hair transplant procedure

Shock loss is a loss of natural hair, irrespective of whether it belongs to the donor area or the recipient area. It is a common occurrence amongst many patients after they undergo the hair transplant procedure. 

It can be both temporary and permanent. When it is temporary, it means that the lost hair will grow again after a certain period of time. It mainly occurs after FUT transplant, where the strip is harvested from the donor area and closed with a suture or a stapler.

If by chance, during the closing of the wound, the tension is more in the adjusted area of the strip, the pressure around the strip may disturb the required blood supply. This leads to the loss of hair of the surrounding recipient area, but is temporary in nature. When the strip heals completely, the lost hair grows again.

During an FUE hair transplant, if the surgeon harvests a large number of grafts in a single sitting, it may cause hair shedding. This may also result in permanent shock loss in some patients. It is important to understand that the most important part of the graft is its bulge. It may cause permanent damage to the head and a shock loss may occur in the recipient area.

This can happen during the slit making procedure, if the total magnification takes place in the slit. This also might lead to the permanent damage of existing hair. Shock loss sometimes leads to permanent loss of hairs, because the hair in consideration can’t bear the stress of the surgery.

However, this can be avoided completely by consulting a reputed hair surgeon for the transplant procedure who will ensure that the right pre and post op care is provided to minimize the chances of shock loss. 

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