What is the cost of PRP treatment for hair loss?


Female Hair Loss, Questions | Dr Dhanraj Chavan | May 26, 2021

Hair loss is usually caused by hormonal changes, ageing or gene pattern. It can happen to anyone whether you are a man or a woman. There are some medications used for hair loss treatment that seems to work well for most of the people taking them. The two drugs that are commonly prescribed by dermatologists all over the world are Minoxidil and Finasteride. These treatments usually provide some good results, but they don’t help everybody. Therefore some supportive procedures like PRP have been suggested as part of the hair regrowth treatment.

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In this post, I will discuss all about PRP treatment for hair loss, side effects, advantages and PRP treatment cost for hair loss.

What is PRP for hair loss?

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is processed blood plasma. PRP contains platelets from which red blood cells (RBCs) and white blood cells (WBCs) are removed. PRP therapy, which is a medical treatment for hair loss, uses this concentrated. platelet-rich plasma.

Platelet-rich plasma injections may act as a trigger for natural hair growth. Increasing blood supply to the hair follicle maintains this growth and increases the thickness of the hair shaft. Micro-needling and other medical solutions are often combined with PRP to combat hair loss.

PRP is a completely natural and non-surgical procedure for treating hair loss. In this procedure, patients own blood and the active growth factors are used to promote hair growth. 30 to 40 ml of blood is taken from the body irrespective of the age, gender and severity of hair loss. This extracted blood is centrifuged for 20 to 25 mins and then the plasma gets ready to be extracted.

The concentrated plasma is rich in growth factors. Through multiple microinjections, this plasma is punctured into the scalp. PRP increases the blood circulation and blood flow in the scalp. It is one of the best supportive treatments for before and after hair transplant treatment.

PRP helps to keep the hair follicles in a growth phase (anagen phase) and allows the hair to become thicker and longer. So it not only promotes new growth but also strengthens the existing hair follicles. It is also used for treating hair loss due to other non-genetic and genetic causes.

PRP is not only used for hair treatment but also used for skin rejuvenation treatment & under-eye dark circles as well even it has multiple uses in treating chronic tendon problems such as tennis elbow, muscle sprain, sports injuries etc.

Watch this video to understand how effective is PRP treatment for hair loss.

Side Effects of PRP Treatment for Hair Loss

  • There may be tenderness, soreness, pinpoint bleeding at the injection delivery site.
  • A feeling of ‘tightness’ on the scalp for a day after the procedure.
  • Due to multiple pricks by injections, the respective area gets reddish in colour and swollen up.
  • Few patients complain of a headache for a day post of the procedure.

Advantages of PRP Therapy for Hair Loss

  • Very minimal side-effects limited to soreness and redness of the skin for a day or two.
  • There is little to no downtime after receiving a PRP injection.
  • A minimally invasive procedure that requires only injections.
  • The treatment process is quick and is generally over within 60 mins to 90 mins.
  • PRP therapy eliminates the risk of contracting any communicable diseases as it uses the patient’s own blood.

PRP Hair Treatment Results

The PRP remedy certainly gives a good result for controlling and even stopping the process of hair loss. It works for both men and women. With regular sessions, it stops further hair loss. With a few sessions, new hair grows. It improves hair roots and gives strengths to new hair growth. PRP and Dermaroller together also gives excellent results in controlling hair fall and strengthening the hair roots.

Generally, no activity restriction is advised after the PRP session. Patients may shampoo, condition and shower their hair normally. After a few hours of treatment, the patient may resume normal daily and athletic activities. It is advised to avoid harsh chemical colouring or perming treatments. The patient can resume medications like Minoxidil from the very next day.

PRP is a simple, very cost-effective and feasible treatment option. It is a very valuable adjuvant treatment modality for hair loss management. Relatively low-cost and Excellent safety profile are other added features too. 

Is PRP necessary after a hair transplant?

  • PRP is an excellent treatment in combination with a hair transplant.
  • PRP is always advised before and after hair transplant as it has healing and rejuvenation capacity.
  • When you do PRP before and after a hair transplant, it helps to strengthen the other hair roots and even transplanted hairs get lots of blood circulation, which further promotes good hair condition.
  • PRP before hair transplant improves blood supply around the area and helps in faster wound healing.
  • After the hair transplant, when we do PRP it helps to grow your hair fast and strong.
  • It also increases the graft survival rate.

Watch my video to understand how helpful is PRP in Hair transplant – 

The average cost of PRP treatment for hair loss

  • The cost of PRP treatment for hair loss varies from clinic to clinic.
  • Due to lots of factors like infrastructure, the doctor doing the procedure, the area of the scalp to treat etc., the PRP treatment cost for hair loss varies.
  • Generally, the cost ranges from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 20,000.
  • PRP serves as a safer, less expensive, and less invasive alternative to hair transplant surgery.

Before getting any kind of hair treatment like a PRP, ensure that you let your doctor know of any medications, including supplements you may be on. You should also inform your doctor of any chronic infections, diseases or illnesses. Your doctor may recommend against PRP for hair loss if you are on blood thinners, are a heavy smoker or have a history of alcohol or drug misuse.

I hope this post helped you with all the relevant details about PRP. Kindly do comment for any kind of queries. Professionals from HairMD Clinic provide PRP treatment for hair loss, book your consultation with a HairMD expert!

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