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We all know how hair is important in our life, as it completely changes one’s appearance. Hair looks so simple but it is more complex than its color and texture. Hair loss can happen to male and female at any age. If you are also facing the same then you should know the reason for your hair loss. Also, you should know about the hair growth cycle and its importance. Hair makes a great impact on a person’s life, therefore it helps to boost a person’s self-confidence. In addition, there is lots of research about hair treatments and are creating success in hair study.


Therefore if you are looking for any hair-related treatments, then it’s important first to know how the hair growth cycle works. Human hair cycle has three stages:

1. Anagen

2. Catagen

3. Telogen

Therefore, watch the video to get more information about the hair growth cycle.

Now let’s discuss each phase in details:

1. Anagen phase:

It is known as the growing phase, in this duration, our hair grows faster. The average span of this phase is 3 to 5 years. It is also called an active phase. It is noticed in Asian anagen phase last much longer. It’s an important fact that our hair grows 6 inches in a year and ½ inch per month. In summer hair grows faster than winter. Human hairs grow simultaneously throughout the year.

2. Catagen:

This phase lasts for 2 to 3 weeks and is called a transitional phase of the hair. In this stage, our hair growth stops and the hair root sheath shrinks and which attaches the root of the hair. This is called a club hair.

3. Telogen:

This phase is known as the resting phase of the growth cycle. In this phase, the hair follicle is completely inactive. During this phase, around 6% to 8% of hairs last for 100 days only in the scalp. The hairs completely fall off and again it’s repeated. Even you can experience Telogen effluvium if you are suffering from heavy fever or dieting. Your anagen phase is cut short and then enters this phase.

We all love having good and healthy hair. It’s very important to maintain your hair at the same time and take proper care in regular interval of time. Follow regular hair care routine to avoid having hair loss. Normally 100 to 150 hairs fall every day, but at the same time, new hair also should grow back. Proper healthy food and regular exercise can help you have good quality hairs.

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Hence I hope this information will help you in understanding the importance of the hair growth cycle. In conclusion, I wanted to say to know more, you can call us on 7798022622, we will be glad to answer all your queries. 

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