What is the hair growth cycle?


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We all know how hair is important in our life, as it completely changes one’s appearance. Hair looks so simple but it is more complex than its color and texture. Hair loss can happen to males and females at any age. If you are also facing the same then you should know the reason for your hair loss. Also, you should know about the hair growth cycle and its importance. Hair makes a great impact on a person’s life, therefore it helps to boost a person’s self-confidence. In addition, there is lot of research about hair treatments and are creating success in hair study.

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Therefore if you are looking for any hair-related treatments, then it’s important first to know how the hair growth cycle works. Human hair cycle has three stages:

1. Anagen

2. Catagen

3. Telogen

Therefore, watch the video to get more information about the hair growth cycle.

Now let’s discuss each phase in detail:

1. Anagen phase:

It is known as the growing phase, in this duration, our hair grows faster. The average span of this phase is 3 to 5 years. It is also called an active phase. It is noticed in the Asian anagen phase lasts much longer. It’s an important fact that our hair grows 6 inches in a year and ½ inches per month. In summer hair grows faster than in winter. Human hairs grow simultaneously throughout the year.

How to increase anagen phase of hair naturally?

  • To keep the hair in the active anagen phase, giving the scalp good nutrition and care is of utmost importance. For a dose of vitamin D, give sunshine to the scalp and hair.
  • Drink a good amount of water daily and follow a healthy diet to maintain your overall health as well as the health of your hair.
  • A daily massage with one of the essential oils like olive oil, coconut oil, or jojoba oil helps promote hair growth. 
  • Minoxidil helps in extending the anagen phase of hair. 
  • A good hair care routine is also helpful if you want to increase the anagen phase of the hair naturally. Avoiding harsh chemicals and heat treatments on the hair helps in encouraging the hair follicles to grow better and stronger. 
  • Simply put, a healthy diet and nourishment to the scalp is necessary to extend the anagen phase of your hair and promote healthy hair growth. 
  • A scalp massage is soothing on the skin and improves blood circulation on the region, thus boosting hair growth. 
  • With effective hair care and a healthy lifestyle, hair fall can be reversed as also the texture and colour of your hair can be maintained. 
  • If the anagen phase is increased naturally by following the measures mentioned above, it can greatly help in achieving healthy and beautiful hair.

if all these remedies do not help, and you still experience hair fall, consult your dermatologist

Natural Ways to Increase Anagen Phase and Achieve Faster Hair Growth

  • Follow a healthy diet and consume plenty of water daily.
  • The intake of protein-rich foods and foods high in biotin is useful in increasing the anagen phase of the hair.
  • Avoid excess intake of sugary and starchy foods as sugar hinders the absorption of proteins, which are essential for healthy hair growth.
  • Give a dose of vitamin D to the hair by exposing it to the morning sunlight.
  • Some wonder herbs can help in lengthening the anagen phase and thus promote hair growth. They include ginkgo Biloba, rosemary, aloe vera, and lavender.
  • Vitamin E-rich foods improve cell regeneration and are good for scalp health.
  • Brushing the hair enhances blood circulation in the scalp, while also distributing the oils and moisture uniformly to the hair. This helps in increasing the anagen phase of your hair.
  • Avoid exposing the hair to heat and chemicals. Hair treatments that include applying heat to the hair, hamper their growth. Hair care products with harsh chemicals damage the hair and have a negative impact on hair growth.

These were some ways to increase the anagen phase of your hair naturally. A healthy lifestyle, which includes stress management, a good workout routine, and a balanced diet is essential to maintain the health of your hair. A proper hair care regimen is equally necessary so as to achieve good hair growth.

2. Catagen Phase:

This phase lasts for 2 to 3 weeks and is called a transitional phase of the hair. In this stage, our hair growth stops, and the hair root sheath shrinks and which attaches to the root of the hair. This is called club hair.

3. Telogen Phase:

This phase is known as the resting phase of the growth cycle. In this phase, the hair follicle is completely inactive. During this phase, around 6% to 8% of hairs last for 100 days only on the scalp. The hairs completely fall off and again it’s repeated. Even you can experience Telogen effluvium if you are suffering from heavy fever or dieting. Your anagen phase is cut short and then enters this phase.

We all love having good and healthy hair. It’s very important to maintain your hair at the same time and take proper care in regular intervals of time. Follow a regular hair care routine to avoid hair loss. Normally 100 to 150 hairs fall every day, but at the same time, new hair also should grow back. Proper healthy food and regular exercise can help you have good quality hair.

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Hence I hope this information will help you in understanding the importance of the hair growth cycle. In conclusion. 

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