What are the precautions before hair transplant?


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Nowadays, all of us are very much familiar with the hair transplant, everyone knows what are the precautions or care to be taken after hair transplant surgery. But ignores or get confused about precautions before hair transplant, which needs to be taken. Don’ worry, I, Dr. Dhananjay Chavan glad to help you to make you understand what are the pre-hair transplant precautions you need to follow.

Hair Transplant is cosmetic surgery. It is one of the elective procedure and it doesn’t lead to any emergency after doing Hair Transplant surgery. So it is important to plan it properly to get desirable results. Starting with, you should start looking for a good hair transplant clinic with an experienced Hair Transplant Surgeon along with skilled hair transplant team.

Once you draw out your budget, you should ask a few questions to yourself such as Why are you exactly doing hair transplant? You should consider undergoing Hair Transplant surgery after analyzing all the reasons for your hair loss. Androgenetic nature of your own hormones is the main reason for your hair loss. Androgens and genetical predispositions make your hair prone to become bald due to hormones.

Pre Hair Transplant Precautions

  • You should be aware, Hair Loss is a continuous process. So firstly, before undergoing a hair transplant, we have to halt the hair loss process.
  • For example, if you have grade-7 baldness, then there are no hairs to lose. But if you are suffering from grade-2, 4 or 6 baldness then there are some hairs on your scalp, whose preservation is very important.
  • To preserve hairs on your scalp you should opt for some treatments before going for a Hair Transplant.
  • There are many treatments are prescribed by the Dermatologists such as PRP, Dermaroller, Mesotherapy, Low-Level Laser Light (LLLT).
  • Along with these supportive treatments, mainly the application of minoxidil and consumption of Finasteride tablets is prescribed to treat male pattern or female pattern baldness.
  • If you are hesitant to take finasteride and minoxidil after consulting your Dermatologists, then the chances of preserving your remaining hair become difficult.

Pre Hair Transplant Care

Suppose, you are in grade-4 baldness and very few hairs or few bald patches are there, then you should try treating it with medicines and treatments, and if it’s not manageable you should go for Hair Transplant. If you won’t care about your hair you have on your scalp, then it’s difficult to get a good natural look to your hair.

Therefore it is really very important to treat hair loss and have a holistic approach towards it. Which means that the doctor knows how to maintain and treat whatever hairs are there on the scalp. Secondly, a Hair Transplant should take place with extreme intricacy wherein the doctor transplants full hair & does not give you bad results. At HairMD, our surgeons and team follow a complete approach where a hair transplant is suggested as the last option after all the other solutions have been exhausted.

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I have tried giving you all the information’s about Precautions to be taken before Hair Transplant in details. Kindly do comments & share with your friends, if you think it is really helpful. If the thought of hair growth after hair transplant still worries you, you are always welcome to consult our renowned specialists at HairMD. Don’t worry at all, you are in safe hands. You can call us on +91-7798022622, our support team will be happy to solve all your queries.

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