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Does minoxidil work on bald spots

It is one of the medications which is in widely used and proved in giving excellent results in baldness. It works well if used in the initial period of hair loss; during this period of time generally, minoxidil helps in converting the existing telogen phase (resting period) hairs to anagen phase (growth period) hairs. It is a US FDA medication is used for topical application only. It is available in foam and spray form. This medication works well for pattern baldness for men and women, androgenetic alopecia. This medication is available in 3 forms:
  • 2% minoxidil used mostly by women and men also.
  • 5% minoxidil for men only.
  • 10% minoxidil for men only.

Minoxidil will work if there are hairs roots present in your scalp. Completely on the bald area, this medication is of no use. If no hairs only present then minoxidil will not able to convert the hairs into telogen phase.

Let’s remember few tips about minoxidil before using it:
  • With dermatologist concern only use these medications.
  • Don’t just follow the internet and use it.
  • Not for all type of hair loss.
  • Mild side effects can be seen, such as blurred vision, swelling in feet’s and hands, chest pain, fainting.
  • Some uncommon side effects like acne on the application area, burning scalp, facial hairs, swelling of the face.
  • Once started using should continue till you think your hairs are important for you.
  • When stopped hair loss can continue.
  Let’s check a few points in minoxidil and new hair regrowth:
  • It helps in increasing the blood circulation on the hair follicle area.
  • It converts the resting phase hairs into the growing phase hairs and stimulates the growth.
  • It stimulates all the hair follicles.

How does Minoxidil works for hair growth?

Let’s talk about the biggest question which is present in everyone’s mind as for why they experience hair loss after application of minoxidil. So it’s better to discuss in points:
  • Minoxidil works well in 20’s men.
  • It works well in the initial period of hair loss.
  • Shedding is seen as telogen hairs converted into anagen hairs.
  • The weak and pale hairs fall own, which is of not beneficial (called shedding hair loss).
  • The new hairs grow back in the same place.
I hope I have cleared your doubt about minoxidil will not be beneficial for a bald area in the scalp. Make sure you consult a dermatologist and then only use the medication. Minoxidil and finasteride both together work well for hair loss.

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