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Female Hair Loss

Why does hair fall out during Pregnancy

Who doesn’t like to get attention and pamper, pregnancy is one of the best periods in a woman’s life, to feel cloud 9 always? There are lots of problems women face during this period, so proper guidance is required. Hair fall, diabetics, thyroid problem etc women have to go through this phase.   Today let’s talk about hair loss problems in details in women during pregnancy.
  • Telogen effluvium is one of the reasons for pregnancy hair fall, in this period hair thinning; hair shedding is seen due to stress and shock. In an average, if you lose 100 hairs daily then during this period you will lose 300 hairs per day. Which is common during this period and mostly 30 to 50 % of women suffer.
  • Due to estrogen hormone freeze the hairs in the resting period, so we can experience lots of hair fall. But again it returns back to normal after a delivery period.
  • Another reason for hair fall is due to hormonal imbalance, which plays also an important role.
  • During pregnancy, if nutrition level is not good then also hair fall changes go up.
  • If you are suffering from thyroid levels, gestational diabetics, ring warm etc which also is a major role in hair loss.
  • Genetics also plays a significant role in hair loss, if it runs in your family history.

Why do women suffer from hair loss during pregnancy?

  Let’s talk about some tips to control hair fall during pregnancy:
  • Proper intake of vitamins and minerals in the form of vegetables and fruits can help in the good amount of nutrition which is required for hair.
  • Avoid brushing or combing your hairs when it’s wet.
  • Regular oiling your hairs also help in improving your hairs.
  • Avoid using styling products as such as blow dry, straightening etc to your hairs during this period.
  • It’s very common to get stress and tension during this period, but stress is one of the cause for hair fall, so try to be stress-free.
  • Avoid direct sunlight to avoid massive hair fall.
  Let’s talk about some home remedies:
  • Using fresh coconut milk to massage your scalp and leave it for 30 mins and you can see the benefits.
  • Application using of raw aloe vera on your scalp is also good.
  • Using amla powder for drinking or application of amla on your scalp helps in strengthening the hair roots and the follicles.
  • Application of fenugreek seed on the scalp is also a good remedy for hair loss.
  • Using lemon juice and beaten eggs also seems to give good results.
The above-maintained home remedies have not proven the technology, but you can try and check if you are beneficial or not. It works for some and may not work for others, so don’t be disappointed with the results. To know more about this topic, you can call us at +91-7888091119; our support team will help us to guide you more. You can visit our website on HairMD

What are the causes and treatments of female hair loss?


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