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Laser Hair Removal

Is laser hair removal permanent for men

Yes, laser hair removal is a permanent reduction of unwanted hair on the body. Let’s first understand how this treatment works to remove unwanted hair on our body. In this method, pulses of laser light target the hair root & destroy it permanently. This hair follicle then loses its capacity to grow.

There are various types of devices available to remove unwanted hair from the body. These include IPL[Intense Pulse light], Nd Yag laser, Light sheer diode laser. Out of these, a light sheer diode is the best, gold standard laser which is widely used to treat unwanted hair more effectively.

The light sheer diode is safe; on an invasive, painless & fastest method of hair removal. This laser has a bid spot size, so larger body areas can be treated in minimal time. This laser comes with a cooling tip, which keeps the treatment area cool, thus reduces the risk of scarring due to burn during the treatment & patient remains comfortable during the treatment. Thick, coarse & vellus hairs can be treated effectively with this laser. This is an office hour procedure which doesn’t involve any downtime & patient can immediately resume their normal daily activities post-treatment. Post-treatment mild redness may occur in the treatment area, which usually gets settle down in a few hours. This type of laser is useful in all skin types.

Is laser hair removal safe?



Different areas of a body having unwanted, thick, coarse hair can be effectively treated with this laser. Body parts commonly treated include upper lips, side locks, lower face, chin, full hands, full legs, underarms, bikini areas, beard shaping, chest; back mainly in males can be treated effectively.

More thickly the hair, better the treatment outcome, as laser beam targets the melanin pigment in the hair follicle & burn it & permanently loses its capacity to grow. Hair grows in 3 different cycles. Anagen, Catagen & telogen. At a given time, laser targets the anagen phase [Growth stage of hair follicles].

Not all hair on body remains in the Anagen Phase at a given period of time. Few hair follicles remain in a dormant stage. These hair follicles can be targeted in subsequent sessions. Because of these multiple sessions are required to get the best possible results after the treatment. We recommend going for min 6 to 8 sessions for body hair removal with a gap of 2 to 3 months in between. In some patient, having hormonal issues may need more than 8 sessions also. During the treatment, the hair follicle gradually, permanently loses its capacity to regrow & results in the desired outcome.

Consult your nearby dermatologist, who can guide you in detail about your treatment regime with the best available, gold standard treatment to meet your level of expectations.

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