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Male Hair Loss

Hair loss

Hair loss is a cause for genuine worry in both males and females alike.This problem can be faced by people of all age groups and both the genders. The cause of hair loss varies from patient to patient. It could be anything from physical or emotional stress, environmental pollution, to genetic or hereditary causes, etc which could result in hair loss, receding hairline, bald patches or simply thinning of hair.

Androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness is a known cause of hair loss in males. It implies that this pattern of hair loss was seen to be present in the maternal or paternal sides of your family. FInasteride and Minoxidil are FDA approved drugs, and they are the current mainstay of treatment for male pattern baldness. But therapy with both the drugs is usually started after assessment of the patient’s condition, grade of hair loss, type, and cause of hair loss etc. Mostly, for appropriate results combined therapy is started along with any of the following treatment options:-

  1. Micro- Needling or Derma Roller
  2. Mesotherapy
  3. Low-level laser light therapy
  4. Platelet-rich plasma therapy

Hair loss therapy with Finasteride and minoxidil usually requires 2-4 months of regular treatment in order to comment upon the efficacy of treatment.

Minoxidil Vs. Finasteride: Which is a better For Hair Loss

Hair loss, hair thinning and receding hairline problems are treatable and manageable problems they require a dedicated treatment approach, both on the part of the patient and the doctor.

So, it would be advisable for you to get a proper dermatologist opinion and prescription, if your hair loss is worrying you. Do not self-medicate, since it almost always does more harm than good.

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