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Male Hair Loss

What are the nutritional causes of Hair Loss?

Dr. Sejal working as a consultant in HairMD clinic Pune talks about nutrition which is needed in case of even male pattern thinning. It is not a common occurrence only for females to have a nutrition problem, even males having the same kind of problem suffer through hair loss.

We need an adequate amount of proteins, vitamins, minerals as well as amino acids to maintain our hair. Our hair is made up of protein so if there is a lack of protein intake, then it’s bad for your hair growth.

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Your hair is dependent on protein because a lack of protein for your hair will deny it the proper nutrition. Your body starts to save a lesser amount of protein and it changes your growth cycle to resting and falling phase. Suddenly, your hair starts falling after two to three months. You need to start taking proper protein in your diet which is not an issue if you are a nonvegetarian, as there is plenty of this nutrient found in fish, chicken, meat, and eggs. As a vegetarian, you should consume foods such as paneer, green peas, broccoli, beans and nuts which are good sources of proteins.

If you have an iron deficiency, then also your hair starts falling because iron is basically important for oxygen supply. If your hair does not get proper nourishment, then how will they survive. For good iron source, you should start consuming nuts like dry fruits, jaggery as well as beetroot and green leafy vegetables. If iron is low, then it may happen that your hair falls in a direct state and you feel thinning of your hair as well as feel that the scalp visibility is increasing day.

Another very important nutrient is Vitamin C. It is needed for better absorption of iron. You should start taking amla juice, lime juice or orange juice as a part of your daily requirement. If there is vitamin B12 deficiency, then that also must is a reason for your hair fall. B12 is important because that is a co-factor which is responsible for making RBC (red blood cells) that in turn carry nutrition important for DNA replication. It is vital for the growth of your hair follicles. It happens when B12 is not absorbing property for some males who have undergone gastric surgeries, if they are taking different medications then also their B12 does not get absorbed properly.

If you are a vegetarian, then there are very fewer sources of B12 in your diet. In that cases your B12 goes down, so start taking proper food rich in B12 like in non-vegetarian people who can have fish, meat, mutton or even shellfish and crab, which are all good sources for B12.

As vegetarians, you can have milk, milk products, and non-citrus fruits along with green vegetables and nuts, which is good for some amount of B12 so you can have it. When you feel that there are some symptoms like mouth ulcers, then you should consult your doctor because you need to make your diet right.

If you are not taking proper food under the guidance of a nutritionist or a dietitian, then you are going to reduce your weight by cutting off your protein and carbohydrate definitely, but the amount saved in your body will not be adequate for hair growth. During the growth cycle, your hair goes prematurely from the growth cycle to fall cycle and your hair starts to fall, so don’t go for extreme dieting. In such a scenario, start taking proper diet with a balanced amount of vitamin B12, other vitamins, iron, biotin, zinc.

You should include a banana, oats, milk and milk products with salads in your regular diet. A deficiency and an excess of anything are equally bad. Vitamin A in excess is also harmful. I am talking about vitamin A in particular because Vitamin A strongly affects your moods and is always recommended by doctors to remain stable.

An excess of vitamin A causes hair loss because your hair goes into completing a growth cycle very fast and then the hair fall phase also comes very suddenly.

It is extremely important to have a balanced diet in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and have a perfect hair growth cycle.

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